Thursday, March 16, 2006

Village Should Insure Rec Path Access

Here is an interesting concern. Several years ago the Town of North Elba was awarded $800,000 to construct a 'bike path' between Saranac Lake and Lake Placid. The proposed nine mile path would follow the railroad right of way. It appears that without an easement from the village of SL, access to the path from Lake Flower Ave could be blocked. This of course is the proposed WalMart building site.

Many people pooh pooh the idea of the recreation path. But they probably haven't visited communities that are connected by such a path. Here is a map of one bike path that I am quite familiar with. It connects Woods Hole, MA with Falmouth, MA. It also follows an old railroad bed. This path is extensively used by bikers, joggers, walkers, etc and benefits both communities financially.

BTW? WalMart reps have said they would make the back of their proposed store, which faces the railroad tracks and proposed bike path, 'as attractive as possible'. Anyone have an idea how to make a 300 ft long 20 ft high concrete wall 'attractive'?

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