Thursday, March 16, 2006

ADE Thur Letters to the Editor

Currently, most letters to the editor of the ADE are concerned with SL Village Board and Mayor elections. The Republican candidates Branch, Piro, and Knuth have made it clear that they want Wal-Mart, even before economic impact studies have been done. The Democrat candidates are pro-development, realize the need for a large department store, are concerned about the downtown area and have lots of questions about the impact of a 121,000 sq ft Wal-Mart located on the outskirts of the town [These are my assessment of the candidates by the way]. So on with todays letters:

SL shouldn't want a Wal-Mart: Don't think I don't know what I'm talking about. We had a small shop in a Wal-Mart town and welcomed the "draw" of more people that it would attract. Our town looks like a ghost town - not even a grocery store or a gift shop left.

The letter writer is from Ticonderoga; they opened a Super Wal-Mart a few years ago.

Democrats are qualified, and they listen: Two reasons. One, they have the qualifications, both professionally and morally, to lead the village into the future. Two, because they are already out there listening to ALL of our hopes and concerns.

One does wonder why the Republican candidates have not been running campaign ads or having public forums. Is it because they have made this a one issue campaign and they have already won it?

Saranac Lake Democratic team has what it takes: A hasty decision based purely on providing increased shopping facilities can be potentially damaging in the long run.

Democrats will add to Saranac Lake's livelihood: The upcoming election for Village Mayor and Trustees is crucial for the future of this community. It should not be allowed to be portrayed merely as a referendum on Wal-Mart. The real underlying issues are good governance, sensible growth, affordable housing and property taxes that will allow the community to continue to develop as a vibrant, diverse community.

Unfortunately, the Republican candidates have already made it into a referendum on Wal-Mart.

Vote Wal-Mart! Vote Republican: On Tuesday, March 21, I'm going to cast my vote for Walmart, which means I am voting for Jeff Branch for mayor and Linda Piro and Tony Knuth for trustees.

Yes, one issue and one issue only for the Republicans. Get a Wal-Mart and all our problems will just disappear.

Democrats know how to bring ideas to life: Will our Village Board continue 'business as usual.' or will it step boldly into a future of openness and cooperation that have not been evident recently?

I guessing 'business as usual' for sure.

SL Democratic team continues to be proactive: The new village board must be prepared to deal proactively with numerous issues of concern to the citizens of Saranac Lake and the surrounding towns.


Anonymous said...

In response to the editorial from Ticonderoga -

The following was taken DIRECTLY from the Ticonderoga Chamber of Commerce's Web Site

Ticonderoga has been experiencing a resurgence of business growth with expansions of existing companies and new business openings. International Paper Company, Interlakes Health Facility, TOP’s Market, have all completed multi-million dollar expansion and Fort Ticonderoga’s growth is a works in progress. Hugely successful Wal-Mart continues to draw volumes of customers and attract new chain store/big-box interest in Ticonderoga. Approximately 30 additional retail/service businesses have opened in the last3 years; 1/3 of which are chain stores.

The business community is involved and works closely with the community. Ticonderoga is ripe for economic development opportunities. Developable land and Industrial Park space and existing commercial property is available.

See the following web-sites for more information: Area Chamber of Commerce, NY Essex County Industrial Development Association Adirondack Economic Development Corp. York State Small Business Info

It seems that Ticonderoga is far from a "Ghost Town", I for one am going to make the trip as a Saranac Lake Resident to Ticonderoga and see for myself it's downtown and the WAL-MART. Maybe more Saranac Lakers shoud do the same. Also contacting Ti's C of C would be the best way of getting the real "facts" than from advocacy group sites and blogs.


Concerned Saranac Lake Resident

Adirondack Wal-Mart said...

I too am concerned. I guess when it's your shop that has to close you might see things differently.

Anonymous said...

Be sure to let us know what you find in Ti. We were just there a few weeks ago and there are lots of empty store fronts and plenty of parking downtown. But go see for yourself. Keep in mind that they now have a Lowe's coming (ah yes, the draw of WM - to bring even more big boxes) so be sure to look at what few hardware stores are left...because they are sure to be gone soon as well.

Also, of course the Chamber of Commerce paints that picture. Do you actually think it is going to say that "Wal-Mart has come and helped sink us completely. Now,we would like you to come and and try to your own cost of course..."