Tuesday, March 14, 2006

ADE Tue Letters to the Editor

Many letters supporting candidates for Village office. Basically, Republicans want Wal-Mart and don't really need any more info from Wal-Mart. Democrats realize that the area needs a department store but want answers to questions before making a firm decision. And, they don't want Wal-Mart walking all over us.

Branch, Piro have the best vision. ...Jeff and Linda understand that the dream of an Adirondack lifestyle is quickly slipping away from many area residents due to skyrocketing taxes.

Are we assuming that having a Wal-Mart is going to solve the rising tax problems? Published studies say otherwise. How is a Wal-Mart going to preserve the dream of an Adirondack lifestyle?

Vote Piro, Branch, Knuth. "To anybody with a good head on their shoulders and who's a good, patriotic American, they're only three people worth voting for on March 21...

The good ole Republican argument of if you don't do what we say, you are not a patriotic American.

Michael, Fontana, Waters seem best. We must vote for people who will work together to find and implement long term economically viable solutions. This requires more than knee jerk responses.....

In defense of Donaldson, in support of Piro. ...I can guarantee, if she is elected to the village board, her actions will be done by the book....

Hopefully, whoever is elected, their actions will be done by the book. We shouldn't need any guarantees.

Supercenter a bad fit for 'Distinctive Destination'. How does the addition of a Supercenter, which is three times the size of the former Ames store in Saranac Lake, fit into the beautiful picture of what our village is and can be in the future?

Well, maybe we don't need no stinkin 'Distinctive Destinations'.

Get to know the Republican candidates. Jeff Branch, President of CSEA Local 170. A person that Wal-Mart would never hire, being a union guy and all. Linda Piro, school board member (along with Cliff Donaldson). Tony Knuth, not much info. They recognize a great need for affordable housing... Just not at the village sandpit site. Outside of town is better. These candidates are very excited about continuing the process of bringing a large retail store to Saranac Lake (Wal-Mart).

Waters is a seasoned professional. Adirondack Business and Professional Women's Club 2006 Woman of the Year.

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