Thursday, July 20, 2006

Wal-Mart Critics:

Wal-Mart critics fall into many different groups. Which group do you fall into?

1. Honest, good hearted Americans who have been misinformed or misled.

2. Political critics and opportunistic trial lawyers who attack companies for being successful.

3. Labor leaders who want more money for their unions.

4. Snobbish elites (probably from away) who are self-appointed arbiters of taste and culture and who don’t appreciate Wal-Mart providing the great American middle class with countless cartloads of affordable goods..

5. Blame-America-first political radicals and environmental activists.

6. Journalists who make their living spreading doom-and-gloom economic reports.

7. People who see themselves as citizens first and consumers second.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Average wage vs. Median wage

"Wal-Mart full-time pay averages $10.17 per hour".

The MEAN is the arithmetic average, the average you are probably used
to finding for a set of numbers - add up the numbers and divide by how
many there are: (80 + 90 + 90 + 100 + 85 + 90) / 6 = 89 1/6.

The MEDIAN is the number in the middle. In order to find the median,
you have to put the values in order from lowest to highest, then find
the number that is exactly in the middle:

80 85 90 90 90 100
since there is an even number of values, the MEDIAN is
between these two, or it is 90. Notice that there is
exactly the same number of values ABOVE the median as

Wal-Mart will not divulge the median wage of their 'associates'.

Could it be: 6 6 6 8 8 12 14 14 20 ?

Average= $10.44
Median= $8.00

Supercenter has nothing to do with size

Sometimes size does matter.

A 121,000 sq ft WalMart Supercenter is the equivalent of 50 downtown independent stores.

Or, 12 Kinney's (a true regional company) Drug stores.

Or, 4 football fields.

Web Wars Escalate!

Wal-Mart supported Working Families for Wal-Mart (I am a card carrying member of WFFWM) is tired of being criticized by paid union leaders. It is every American's right to shop and buy stuff at one convenient location. You save money and time! Just try not to think about any possible peripheral effects of your actions.

In any case, Working Families for Wal-Mart must not be working very well. WFFWM has started up another website called 'paid critics'. This is a much better website than WFFWM in that it uses the tried and true 'Swiftboating' techniques designed by Karl Rove. In fact, 'paid critics' is actually run by paid critics, some who helped get us involved in the Iraq War, some who used to work for big tobacco and my favorite RedState blog founder and current Edelman PR employee Mike Krempasky (BTW, he is the least evil member of the group, but I voted for him).

To further escalate the Wal-Mart/Union war, we now have an entertaining site called 'a bunch of greedy right wing liars who work for Wal-Mart'. Seriously! You can even vote on who is the most evil greedy right winger (poor Mike is in 5th place, but I'm sure he's working on it when he's not playing poker or shooting pool).

One thing you can count on.....NO ONE at 'paid critics' comes from a 'working family'. These guys are out of work, ex-Republican party operatives doing what they do best. Does anyone believe these guys actually care about actual 'working families'?

We have paid Union members (from WakeUpWal-Mart) fighting $300 billion Wal-Mart, Inc. for living wages and benefits. Asking for fair labor practices. Asking that jobs not be shipped overseas. Then you have these guys:

Taylor 'don't count the votes' Gross,
Rick 'my house cost more than yours' Berman,
Kevin 'RNC' Sheridan,
Lee 'don't raise the minimum wage' Culpepper,
Mike 'I missed the recount riot' Krempasky,
Robert 'Tobbacco is Good For You' McAdam
and Terry 'I don't know Tom Delay' Nelson

These guys are being paid to swiftboat the people who are lobbying for a better life for actual 'working' people. These guys do not make $10 an hour.

By all means, visit 'paid critics' and get the Wal-Mart/Edelman viewpoint from a bunch of guys who you couldn't pay to set foot in a Wal-Mart store. Guy's that don't know the meaning of the word 'fair'. Then visit 'a bunch of greedy right wing liars who work for Wal-Mart' and find out what these guys have done in their past lives in the name of God, country and the almighty dollar.

UPDATE: See comments by Joe Trippi
Why does this blog look so much like a classic Swift-Boat attack? Probably because Wal-Mart has hired many of the same corporate and political operatives involved in past high-profile smear campaigns. Kevin Sheridan, a former spokesman and operative at the RNC, now works for Wal-Mart as consultant from Edelman PR. Terry Nelson, previously a Deputy Chief of Staff for the RNC and National Political Director for the Bush/Cheney 2004 campaign, is currently a strategy advisor for Working Families for Wal-Mart - the group officially behind and fully funded by Wal-Mart. And then there’s Rick Berman and Bob McAdam, two men who worked hard for Big Tobacco to convince Americans that smoking is good for you. Now they work for or with Wal-Mart on its communications strategy.
Additional comments:
Writing on the Wal

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Sam Says:

“We still want to drive a hard bargain, but now we need to guard against abusing our power.” - Sam Walton
Maybe Wal-Mart abusing it's power is just a matter of opinion. But, I'm guessing many of those American factory employee's that are out of work might disagree. Is there any other way that Wal-Mart abuses it's power?

Monday, July 17, 2006

Wal-Mart's Pay Gap

Want to see how much Wal-Mart excutives make in comparison to overseas workers? Lookhere.

Wal-Mart claims it doesn't make enough money to pay it's workers better. But wouldn't it's 1.3 million employee's in the USA be able to purchase more 'stuff' from Wal-Mart if they were better paid? It worked for Henry Ford.

These Wal-Mart exec's are the 'rich outsiders'.

Sam says:

“Maybe the most important way in which we at Wal-Mart believe in giving something back is through our commitment to using the power of this enormous enterprise as a force for change.” - Sam Walton

How come Wal-Mart founder Sam Walton thought Wal-Mart could be a force for change yet current Wal-Mart supporters don't believe Wal-Mart has any power/responsibility for change? Any ideas on how Wal-Mart could use their enormous enterprise to institute change?