Saturday, March 18, 2006

ADE Fri Letters to the Editor

Learn about Wal-Mart before you vote: "Granted, the SLK area would benefit from a department store, but is Wal-Mart the answer? Certainly neither the pro-Wal-Mart nor the Wal-Mart opposition are ALL right. Become informed about Wal-Mart, read about the lawsuits filed against them, the Wal-Mart impact studies done, their employee profiles, and try to manage the huge impact of Wal-Mart before a store comes to your community".

Letter from ex-mayor of Lyons Falls. Become informed about Wal-Mart before you support it. No one can ask more than that.

Department store is needed, but it should be smaller: "What I find interesting is that there is so much energy being focused on clarifying the differences of the few and so little effort on recognizing how much the majority of people agree on the major issues - YES, a department store is needed, and YES it should be smaller."

Wal-Mart keeps election choices on the front line: "Our village is facing many challenges and important decisions at this juncture in its history. We need leadership that is honest, fair, open minded and innovative to see us through it."

We can only hope that whomever wins the Village elections next week that they will be honest, fair, open minded and innovative.

Choose what's best for SL this election day: "There's Smart Growth and Dumb Growth, and the coming village election appears to be a referendum on which way we choose to go. Dumb Growth is a vastly out-of-scale Wal-Mart at the approach to our village that will congest traffic, divert people from downtown, put some merchants out of business and hurt many others, and forfeit most of the tax benefits to North Elba and Essex County."

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