Monday, March 13, 2006

New Papers Added Under Links

Wal-Mart and Job Quality – What Do We Know, and Should We Care? by Arindrajit Dube, PhD, UC Berkeley Institute of Industrial Relation and Steve Wertheim, UC Berkeley Center for Labor Research and Education.

Wal-Mart: A manager's toolbox to remaining union free (Confidential) Wal-Mart is not anti-union, they are pro-associate.

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peterH said...

Its pretty clear why Unions (justifyiably) hate Walmart so much. What this kind of data make clear is why the rest of us (including rank and file union members) should as well. They put downward pressure on wages in a community. Combined with increasing burden on tax-payers by shifting the cost of health care for dependents to the local and state aid means that whatever cost savings/convenience come at a pretty high price. (my wife used to work ant the Berkeley Insitute of industrial relations a long time ago - nice to see they are still doing interesting things)