Friday, March 17, 2006

Linda Piro vs Susan Waters: Truthiness vs Facts

You couldn't possibly find a nicer person in Saranac Lake than Linda Piro. But sometimes she is wrong. Linda has divided the community over the Wal-Mart issue. While almost everyone wants a large department store, some residents have questions about the size and location of a store. Some have questions about the effects of Wal-Mart on our community. Linda doesn't seem to be too concerned about these issues. In an article in Thur ADE, Linda said "In my heart, I really think that it's only going to help bring people in." See post below on 'Truthiness'. She went on to say "I don't believe in hasty decisions". However, deciding that Wal-Mart is the only choice for Saranac Lake might fall into the 'hasty' decision category. Oddly enough, Linda runs a small business of the type that Wal-Mart has put out business.

Susan Waters must be a saint. She is involved with 'Habitat for Humanity', probably one of the best ideas ever on how to bootstrap first home ownership. She understands that bringing a Wal-Mart Supercenter to town may have huge impacts on the community. She wants to know what those possible impacts might be before fully supporting Wal-Mart. Susan wants facts before making a decision. I'm guessing she is not into making hasty decisions either but may have a different definition of 'hasty'. Susan has experience running a multi-million dollar business and corporate management experience. Believe it or not, this fact was actually being used against her on TOT this morning. I, for one, would like someone with corporate management experience being involved in Wal-Mart negotiations. We are going to need it.

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