Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Wal-Mart Still Interested in Saranac Lake

Wal-Mart just cannot make up it's mind. Now, according to an article in todays ADE, Wal-Mart still wants to locate in SL.
On Tuesday, Wal-Mart spokesman Philip Serghini reiterated that the retailer has nothing planned for Tupper Lake, as some have suggested, and nothing on the table in Saranac Lake.

“I never heard any kind of proposals going (to Tupper Lake),” Serghini said. “We’re definitely interested in Saranac Lake. We just don’t have any potential properties right now.”

But if Wal-Mart does have interest in another property, it may not be until late in the process that the public knows, if it follows the same pattern as with the recent proposal in Saranac Lake.


Anonymous said...

Did anybody really think that Wal-Mart was gone from Saranac Lake? Of course not! And Serghini was NOT entirely truthful in a statment he made. He said that Wal-Mart almost never makes a public announcement until there is an application to the planning board with a site plan. His reason was because that will affect other potential property land owners in the area who you need to acquire property from. Well, that statement DOESN'T TELL THE WHOLE TRUTH.
The real reson Wal-Mart keeps things SECRET is because they know one important thing. When Wal-Mart announces what they want to do, A GROUP OPPOSING THEM FORMS ALMOST IMMEDIATELY!!
Obviously, Wal-Mart DOESN'T WANT any opposition. They would rather be welcomed and be allowed to build another store. But that isn't what happens in many cases.
And now we have an ADE article that says they are still interested in Saranac Lake. It seems that Wal-Mart doesn't know how to do anything else but LIE. They must think we are a bunch of idiots!
Keep flying those orange ribbons!!

Anonymous said...

Wall Mart would be the best thing to happen to Saranac lake and the Lake Placid Area. As an owner of a camp in the area, its a disgrace that there are only second rate grocery and harware stores and a few over priced mens and ladys stores in Saranac Lake. There isn't even a good children or furnature store. I made plenty of trips to Plattsburg this year to pick up the necessities. Wall Mart would have plenty of retired workers to hire in the tricounty. Why not get behind them and bring something meaningful to the region?

Anonymous said...

As to the last comment--do your homework. Wal-Mart is ANYTHING BUT MEANINGFUL. It is a huge corporation that sucks the life out of communities. I have said it many times but it bears repeating again. Those who think Wal-Mart is so great should read these books.

1) The Bully Of Bentonville by Anthony Bianco
2) How Wal-Mart Is Destroying America by Bill Quinn
3) The Wal-Mart Effect by Charles Fishman
4) The Case Against Wal-Mart by Al Norman
And if you can find this out of print book read it as well. In Sam We Trust by Bob Ortega.
The average Wal-Mart employee leaves after only 3 months. 52,500 eemployees must be replaced every single month, or 600,000 employees every year. Wal-Mart cost Americans in 2004 $77 million in increased crime rates in their stores. And they only analyzed 551 stores! Approximately 630,000 employees have no health coverage or can't afford it. Wal-Mart gets sued approximately 2 to 5 times EVERY SINGLE DAY BY CUSTOMERS AND EMPLOYEES ALIKE. The list of what is wrong with Wal-Mart could go one and on.

Anonymous said...

It's surprising that someone that owns a camp in the area wants a Wal-Mart? Why did you want a camp here to begin with?

Adirondack Wal-Mart said...

The camp owner sends his message via Lancaster, Ohio (that does not mean they live in Lancaster however). Here is what a person from Lancaster wrote Al Norman at sprawl-busters.

I live in a small city 20 miles SE of Columbus Ohio. I recently found out on the evening news that our local officials are bringing in Wal-Mart. This came as a shock to many of us. We had previously been told of the retail development area that a home improvement store was coming in--not one word on Wal-Mart. Many times before our small businesses have tried to keep out Wal-Mart. I feel that Wal-Mart would only have a terrible impact on our community. I feel it is suspicious that the Wal-Mart is going near low income housing(where I live) and a trailer park. I feel that our local government has no concerns for our residents like myself just trying to raise our families in a safe environment. This land is one of our oldest family farms, and they have now sold out to a developer who builds Wal-Marts. We have 3 neighboring towns that have Wally-worlds and we do NOT need one here!

Sounds a bit like Saranac Lake doesn't it. Maybe the camp owner ought to go home and root for a Wal-Mart in his town.

Anonymous said...

To the camp owner (if you decided to check back):

Grocery and hardware stores - second rate? And you consider Wal-mart first rate? Are you kidding or do you really believe that? Of you really believe that, could you please explain?

We have a variety of 'good' stores in the this region. Fashion & Design, Bear Essentials, Major Plowshares, Rite-Aids, Kinneys, Eckards, Fact & Fiction, Book Store Plus, Rices, Casiers, several thrift shops, TWO Grand Unions, Price Chopper, Two Horse Trade, THREE dollar stores, Ace Hardware, Aubuchons, and on and on and on. If you have to drive to Plattsburgh for NECESSITIES, then you must like to go to Plattsburgh - period. What NECESSITY is it that you can't find in this area? Even Wise Buys is closer than Plattsburgh. Neccessities? You have me curious.

There may be a few items you can't find here. This community is working together to find the right solution to that. Something to compliment this area - not destroy it. Wal-Mart is the NOT the right answer. We may need a few items but not a 121,000 sq ft of some corporate bully's.

It would be really nice if you could make a list of the necessities you can't get here and share them with the new Community Dept Store folks. After all, most of us are working together to fulfill the needs without loosing what we have. There is tremendous support for the Comm Dept Store project. Please go to and contact them.

Thanks for reading.

Anonymous said...

To the camp owner--would retired workers REALLY want a job at Wal-Mart? Jobs at Wal-Mart REQUIRE one to STAND for their entire shift. Even the greeter at the door is NOT ALLOWED TO SIT. And while we're on the subject of jobs, Wal-Mart claims they're going create 200 jobs in the area. Would somebody please tell me where all these people are going to come from? If you look in the Enteprise
"help wanted" section, there are many jobs posted most of the year. And I know business owners who have needed help BUT COULDN'T FIND ANY. So where is Wal-Mart going to find 200 workers, that's IF they actually want 200 workers. They have a habit of DELIBERATELY understaffing a store--it saves them money. Why do you think the lines at Wal-Mart check-outs are so long? They have BARELY ENOUGH cashiers to handle their registers.
That's done deliberately so they can cut payroll or expenses. And you the customer want your bargain stuff so you won't abandon your shopping cart and leave. In most stores long lines like that would cause many people to abandon their shopping carts and leave. But Wal-Mart figures you won't do that-and so they can GET AWAY WITH HAVING FEWER CASHIERS AND LONGER LINES. These people don't miss a trick so they can cut expenses. Next time you're in a check-out line at Wal-Mart count how long it takes you to pay for your cheap stuff. It probably took you longer to pay for your stuff then it did to actually put it in your shopping cart!