Thursday, August 24, 2006

Flash - Wal-Mart Has First Communist Party Branch

A staffer in the communications department of a Wal-Mart in Shenyang confirms that Wal-Mart has a Communist Youth League Branch at its Shenyang outlet.
It wasn't immediately clear whether the party branch had an office in the store.
Is Wal-Mart leading an effort to merge capitalism and communism into some new super-vile economic model? Imagine what the worst parts of capitalism and communism would look like. Or maybe Wal-Mart will teach the Chinese the Wal-Mart economic model. Question is, who will the Chinese exploit? Another question, if we get a Wal-Mart in Saranac Lake, will we have to start calling each other comrade?

Short article here at at the NYT, "Wal-Mart Opens Communist Branch in China". It's short because the only group more secretive than Wal-Mart is the Chinese communist government.

More (I really like the headlines)

Wal-Mart welcomes Chinese communists No. 1 retailer allows Communist Party to set up branch in China store.

Communists join Wal-Mart's ranks Retail giant Wal-Mart, regarded by many as an icon of global capitalism, has become host to a branch of the Chinese Communist Party, according to reports.

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Anonymous said...

Get this stuff into letters to the editor - PLEEEEEAAAASE!!! Most pro-WM types will cringe at the word "Communist," so if it's used in association with WM, maybe they'll finally get the message??