Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Community Store Bashing on TOTT

You really have to wonder about people. Sure there are a lot of people that are upset that Wal-Mart appears to have given up on locating in Saranac Lake. But is that a reason to bash the supporters of creating a community store? Here are a group of people that are actually attempting to help the retail store situation in Saranac Lake and the 'fighting, Wal-Mart supporting, TOTT phone callers' have nothing good to say about them. That is just very sad.


Anonymous said...

This regular cast of characters that spends every morning spewing out negativity, complaining, and throwing out baseless criticism needs to be counter acted. Let's call in and take ownership of TOTT!!

Anonymous said...

Let's call in and suggest that TOTT has worn out it's usefulness. It's not that I mind hearing criticism, but the same dozen people calling over and over again with NOTHING constructive to say only contributes to the divisiveness that has risen to the surface in Saranac Lake. If it truly represented a reasonably sized segment of the Saranac Lake area residents, it would be worth continuing. I just don't understand why a couple of dozen anonymous (Rick Gonyea excepted - he identifies himself whenever he calls), non-contributing, insulting, bitter people should be given the level of credibility they seem to have simply because they have a microphone for a couple of minutes every day.

It's not unlike the anonymous Enterprise web poll comments. Both of these entities have contributed to the sad state the community is in at the moment. Some justify it (ADE editors) saying it's a way for some voices to be heard. Again, if that really reflected on a reasonable size of the community, not a majority, just a reasonable size, I would be more tolerant of it. But the web polls often have the same angry individuals writing in over and over again and without anything constructive, only destructive.

Anonymous said...

I stopped listening to TOTT years ago. In 1993 I grew tired of people calling up and saying "Go Wal-Mart." Then they'd hang up. It is the same people every day saying the same things. The negativity, anger, bitterness, and almost hatred coming from these people is absolutely awful. And all of this is because they didn't get a 121,000 square foot Wal-Mart.
Unfortunately, one may well waste their time trying to take over TOTT. You won't convinve Wal-Mart supporters, and you really don't get to say much as the program is only on for 10 minutes. Letters to the editor would be a much better thing to do.
And as far as these folks boycotting local stores, don't give it a thought. Many claim they
can't afford to shop here, and can't find what they need. That means they weren't shopping here BEFORE THIS WHOLE WAL-MART BUSINESS BEGAN IN OUR VILLAGE ANYWAY. So if they want to continue to drive to Plattsburgh or wherever, at $3.19 a gallon or so, let them.
Let's not stoop to TOTT callers WHO DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING EXCEPT COMPLAIN, CRITIZE, AND THEM COMPLAIN SOME MORE. Anybody can complain and put a "yes Wal-Mart" sign on their lawn. But what are these PEOPLE ACTUALLY DOING? Nothing!