Thursday, August 24, 2006

And Another Thing.....Or Two

Wal-Mart is or is not interested in Saranc Lake? Why does Edelman PR continue to visit this website almost everyday if Wal-Mart is no longer interested in SL?

Any truth to the rumor that Wal-Mart has an option on land outside of SL?

CARD is being awfully quiet lately.

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Anonymous said...

Wal-Mart only knows how do one thing when they want to go into a community. They must keep it secret
otherwise the opposition forms immediately. Do they have options on land outside of S.L.? It wouldn't surprise me at all.
CARD may be laughing now but it won't be for long. If they ever come here they will be gone in 5 years or less-take it to the bank. And then how will CARD feel knowing the company they worked so hard to get here is gone? Who will have the last laugh then?