Thursday, August 24, 2006

Paul Sands - Idiot in Charge of WPTZ

Here is what Paul has to say about Saranac Lake and Wal-Mart:
They'll huff and they'll puff, and they'll blow your house down.

They're the big, bad NIMBYS...the folks who always yell "Not in My Back Yard." And they've just blown Wal-Mart out of Saranac Lake.

They seem to think Wal-Mart's the big bad wolf.....but the truth is the NIMBYs are worse.

They destroy progress, they hurt the economy, they cost jobs, and they make it impossible for communities to grow.

Wal-Mart wanted to build in Saranac Lake. The company simply got tired of all the conditions, all the whining, and all the opposition from a small group of loud and short-sighted objectionists.

The giant retailer finally said "enough is enough," and walked away.

We don't blame Wal-Mart. But we are sorry to see Saranac Lake lose this opportunity. The Tri-Lakes region needs decent, affordable shopping. It needs jobs. It needs business development.

But, of course, the NIMBYs don't want any of that.

They'd rather blow it.

That's our opinion. What's yours?
Well Paul, allow me to respond:

1. It wasn't a small group that opposed Wal-Mart. Maybe your news team didn't cover the recent village elections. The guys that wanted Wal-Mart got soundly defeated.

2. So you think Wal-Mart is progress? Actually, I thought Upstate Biologicals was progress, but that's just me. I guess you think so little of small communities like Saranac Lake, that we just have to settle for Wal-Mart jobs.

3. Having a Wal-Mart is your standard for community growth? That is about the most stupid thing I have ever heard.

4. Please tell us more about Wal-Mart and their great jobs Paul. Tell us how they have created jobs, good jobs. Did you get that from

Go here to tell Paul your opinion I've already sent mine (I know it will be hard, but be nice).


Anonymous said...

What an imbecile. I've sent Mr. Sands a piece of my mind. I hope you all will too.

markwilcox said...

I can't even begin to tell you how awful of an opinion Paul Sands gave on the Saranac Lake opposition to Wall Mart. What part of Adirondack PARK does he not understand. Also he gave a rally opinion on the Lowes in Ti - Whats w/ that? I believe that their advertising dollars for your news program must be pretty substantial to support Box stores in editorals. HE REALLY DOES NOT GET IT - LIFE W/ GENUINE SENSE OF PLACE.