Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Community Store & Adirondack Daily Enterprise

An editorial in todays ADE is titled "Community Store May Well Succeed". Last week, in one of the preachy editorials attempting to describe what is wrong with Saranac Lake, the ADE wrote:
“If a 121,000-square-foot store was too big for you, is a 5,000-square-foot, community-owned, politically aligned store going to make up for the loss of the 40,000-square-foot Ames? Maybe for some, but not for most.”
It seems the ADE doesn't really know the committee that is organizing the Community Store because Ms. Gail Brill showed up to challenge the ADE editorial.

Later in the editorial the ADE writes:
Ms. Brill is a fighter, and we were impressed with how she stuck up for her cause when faced with our skepticism. She passionately wants to improve Saranac Lake’s shopping options — she’s also challenged Grand Union to improve its supermarkets — but she also wants to stick to what she says makes this village different.
The ADE editorial board then goes on to congratulate itself on coming up with the idea of a community store in 2004.
Many people have already said they’ll buy shares at $500 each, and we think this thing may very well succeed.

We hope it does; we’ve been promoting the idea in editorials since before there was a local effort. We urged people to consider Powell, Wyoming’s model in October 2004, and we reiterated it this June, just before an organizational meeting that drew more than 200 people
The ADE may have promoted the idea, but Ms. Brill is the inspirational leader who is helping to make it happen. Bravo for Ms. Gail Brill. SL could use more 'transplants' like her.

There is also an article in todays ADE concerning last evenings Community Store informational meeting. The Community Store committee consists of Ms. Gail Brill, Ms. Melinda Little, Ms. Gay Relyea and Ms. Wendy Foley.

I suggest we have 4 Winter Carnival Queens next February.

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Wouldn't that be a hoot? Four Winter Carnival problem - I don't think there's a King on the planet who could handle any one of them! You go girls!