Saturday, March 04, 2006

Village, Township and County Officials - Minimum Reading List

Whether you are in favor of Wal-Mart locating to Saranac Lake or not, local politicians have an obligation to be knowledgable about Wal-Mart, their business practices and effects on rural economies. If nothing else, the articles may give you some ideas of what questions to ask Wal-Mart representatives - although they are sure to have good sounding answers for any possible question. Read the articles listed below and then think about the long term effects of hosting a Wal-Mart store rather than any possible short term benefits.

The following is a recommended minimum reading list (links found on the left side of the web site):

Hidden Price of Wal-Mart by U.S House of Rep. George Miller

Wal-Mart Effect on Rural Communities by Dr. Ken Stone, Iowa State University

The Hidden Cost of Wal-Mart Jobs by Dr. A. Dube, Univ. CA. Berkeley

Shopping for Subsidies by P. Mattera, Good Jobs First, Wash. DC

Wal-Mart/Walton Philanthropy by National Comm. for Responsive Philanthropy

Wal-Mart and County-Wide Poverty by Dr. S. Goetz, Penn. State Univ.

It wouldn't hurt for the candidates for Village trustee and Mayor to look over these articles either.

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