Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Village Board Mtg Feb 27

As reported today in Plattsburgh Press Republican:

Essex County Manager Clifford Donaldson told the Saranac Lake Village Board and dozens of onlookers Monday night that it was he who rekindled Wal-Mart's interest in Saranac Lake.

"It's good for the Village of Saranac Lake, it's good for Essex County," Donaldson said Monday night.

Donaldson pointed to a December 2002 resolution by the Essex County Board of Supervisors that he said directed him to seek a major retailer to fill the void left by Ames' closure.

So Mr. Donaldson was only doing what he was told. However, wouldn't it have been nice if maybe he had at least told the mayor of Saranac Lake and the North Elba Town supervisor what he was doing? The Essex County board of supervisors believe Wal-Mart will be good for Essex County. What evidence do the supervisors have for that belief?

Donaldson has been a fan of Wal-Mart since the early 1970s, when he was a student at the College of the Ozarks in Arkansas, where Wal-Mart was founded.

Well isn't that nice for Arkansas? More about Wal-Mart's 'philanthropy'above.


Anonymous said...

I believe there should be an investigation opened into the actions of Cliff Donaldson. His lack of honesty with the citizens of Essex county and the Village is deplorable. He should have come forth BEFORE he started his own crusade to bring walmart here.

I personally feel uncomfortable having someone like Mr. Donaldson in such a position of influence. This includes his position on the SLCS school board.

Anonymous said...

I could not agree more with the above comment. I happened to be at the village board meeting. Since I have never been to a meeting, I figured it would be a learning experience. It was a learning experience all right!
When Cliff shared what he did you felt like you had been kicked in the stomach. He went on his own personal crusade in trying to bring this company to town. He check in WITH NOBODY! He had absolutely no right to do what he did.
According to what he said he had been given this task in December of 2002! How many years ago is that? And he was asked to find a replacement for the Ames store, NOT BRING WAL-MART TO TOWN.
Cliff's problem is that he remembers a Wal-Mart that DOESN'T EXIST ANYMORE. Years ago when Sam Walton (the company's founder) was alive, Wal-Mart was a TOTALLY different business. Sam cared about his associates, and the community his stores were in. But when he died and David Glass took over, the company WENT INTO AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT DIRECTION. David Glass made the crummy company we now call Wal-mart and Lee Scott has continued where Glass has left off.
If Cliff thinks Wal-mart is so great, he should get a job there for 6 months or so. Since the average worker quits after 3 months I wonder if he would last 6 months. Perhaps after his short-stint working there, he would have a different story to tell about his experience and how great this company is.

WAL-MART is COMING! said...

You anti-Wal-Mart people are truly a sad lot! I'm so sorry for your distress! Too Bad! I clearly remember the 2002 meeting at the SL Adult center and it seems that the local merchants have had more then 4 years to get their act together to meet the needs of the shoppers here in Saranac Lake. From my perspective, and that of many, many, others that has not been done. There is a constant exodus of people from this community to Plattsburgh and other shopping meccas. You can't tell me that downtown Saranac Lake is crowded shoppers paradise on the weekend. I can count the empty parking spaces as I drive the Main Street on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Now that a major retailer has the opportunity to come here all you malcontents are crying fowl. Too BAD! You may have stopped retail on route 86 in Franklin Co. but not on route 86 in Essex. Don't cry about the loss of sales tax either to Franklin county - you had your chance qand you blew it! I am in favor of WAL-MART and will contribute as much time and effort as possibleto bring it here. I am encouraging all of my friends and neighbors to vote Republican in the elections this March 21st. See you all at the SEQR hearings - I will be wearing one of those nice green WAL-MART YES! stickers. By for now nad I hope I have given you some indigestion!