Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I Orchestrated Wal-Mart Deal - ADE Headline Tue Feb 28

The mystery was layed to rest Tuesday evening at the SL Village Board Meeting. Essex County Manager Cliff Donaldson announced to the board that he was the one involved with Wal-Mart all along. This appears to let the pressure off the members of the Village Board who have denied all along that they knew nothing about Wal-Mart wanting to locate in SL.
According to the ADE, some of Donaldson's comments include:

"No one bothered to ask me what I was doing."
"I don't think I overstepped my bounds."
"I didn't think (telling the board) was necessary because we didn't have anything firm."


Frustrated SL Resident said...

Someone had to get the deal done!! I remember all too well the meeting in 2002 at the adult center - I thought that was a nice "wake up call" to all the local merchants that if they didn't want a Wal-Mart than they needed to offer the things we need It's been 4 years and they have yet to meet the needs of the locals here in Saranac Lake. It's ridiculous that we should have to drive up to Plattsburgh to buy underwear and school supplies for our children!!

Anonymous said...

Underwear is sold at Major Plow Shares, Bear essentials, Fashion and Design, Rite Aid in LP - just to name a few places. School supplies are sold at the dollar stores, Kinney's, Rite Aid, Eckard Drug and even Price Chopper - just to name a few. I think the local merchants have indeed tried to fill the void. It just seems like folks don't realize it. By the way, if you cannot find your size please ask the merchants and they will be happy to help. I sincerely hope this helps you find your needs in our community.