Tuesday, February 28, 2006

PILOT for Wal-Mart in Ticonderoga

The only Wal-Mart in the Adirondacks so far is the Ticonderoga Wal-Mart store. When that 111,000-square-foot store was proposed in 1997, the company said it would not seek a PILOT, but it later applied for and received a 10-year PILOT agreement.

LOHR McKINSTRY Plattsburgh Press Republican


Anonymous said...

The Ti store is wonderful & a God sent for those of us who live near it!

Anonymous said...

The Ticonderoga store should be paying its full share of taxes. I am not surprised that Wal-mart applies for a PILOT for their store. And guess what will happen when it comes time for them to pay their FULL SHARE of the taxes. Wal-mart sill close up their store and move. Ticonderoga was foolish to allow them to do this. A corporation that makes billions in profits can certainly afford to pay their fair share of taxes right from the beginning.