Thursday, March 02, 2006

ADE Calls for Donaldson to be Fired

A scathing 'Opinion' piece by the Adirondack Daily Enterprise editorial board is in tonights paper. "For Mr. Donaldson's heinous behavior, the Essex County Board of Supervisors should fire him immediately."

The ADE editorial board says Mr. Donaldson's actions were outragious, corrupt and verging on autocratic. They accuse Mr. Donaldson of undermining the Essex County Industrial Development Agency "by becoming Wal-Mart's undercover operative."

The ADE editorial board also question whether Mr. Donaldson had co-conspirators in the SL village government; "despite SL officials' protests of ignorance". The ADE editorial board also call for any village staff member who knew about Mr. Donaldson's actions should also be fired. And, any elected village official who knew about it should resign.

NOTE: The publisher of the ADE, Ms. Catherine Moore, was instrumental in forming a 'Red Carpet Team' made up of community members trying to find ways to entice a large department store to SL (among many other ideas). Many meetings of the Red Carpet Team were completely open to community members in order to determine what the community wanted.


Karina Jackson said...

Our community is being torn apart before Walmart has even invaded.

Reading comments on this blog and on the ADE poll has disgusted and saddened me. I love our community and I had always thought that one day I would return to raise a family. SL is part of who I am and I wanted the same for my children. I never thought I would be able to find another small town as wonderful as our own. But this Walmart battle has revealed a new side of Saranac Lake that I have never experienced before.

This is what I'm hearing:

From anti-Walmart factions:
"Walmart is unethical. SL needs a company that will treat workers well and enhance our local economy and not destroy our local businesses."

From pro-Walmart factions:
"We want cheap underwear and potato chips. Get out of town if you don't agree."
...and then some name-calling and slandering that I refuse to repeat...

This is not a logical debate. I have yet to hear WHY Walmart is the only answer. What is Walmart going to provide that another retailer can not? The pro-Walmart crowd seems to be less pro-Walmart and more just against the anti-Walmart group. Where is the sound argument for Walmart? Who in the village would prefer to work at Walmart than another retailer?

I'm sickened by the harsh comments and illogical debate, not to mention the shady politicians involved. This is not a community that I am proud of, that I want to raise a family in. I want a community that cares for one another, that is willing to work hard to find the best solution instead of taking the easiest way out, a community that debates with facts instead of throwing personal attacks, a community that plans for its future, a community with honest politicians that will do what's right for the community and not what will win them the next election.

I plead with you all now to prove me wrong:
Show me that this community is based on honesty and respect.
Show me why Walmart is better than other retailers, give me facts.
Show me how Walmart will improve the community.
Show me how Walmart will benefit the local economy.
Show me your priorities and your morals.
Show me that the community I love still exists.

I call on village leaders to do your research, put in the hard work that we have hired or elected you to do. Show the community all of our options for retail development and propose a solution that will improve the economy, employment, retail needs, and environment of our area. Give us hard facts. And be transparent.

We are better than this. We deserve better than this.

I promise to do better. Will you?

Karina Jackson

Joe Marocco said...

Thank you for the heartfelt comments, Ms. Jackson. I share your concerns and I wish that people could see how much we have here worth saving.