Monday, June 26, 2006

Waltons - Where are you?

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Anonymous said...

Do these figures surprise me? Of course not! Wal-Mart has 3 foundations that give. The first is the WWF or Wal-Mart foundation. The second is WFF or Wal-Mart Family fondation. And the third is Wal-Mart Pac. Pac stands for political action committee.
The Wal-Mart Pac gives the most. And what do they give to? Republicans who support big business. The Republicans are famous for supporting big business and the rich.
It is the Wal-Mart foundation or WWF that gives things such as $1,000 college scholarships that they advertise so heavily. Ever see the ads that featured some of the college students that got that $1,000? I remember one where the student said they couldn't go to college if it weren't for Wal-Mart? Please! All that student got was $1,000. That's the average sum of what the Wal-Mart foundation gives.
The WWF fails to meet IRS disclosure requirements. Wal-Mart records only list the person who got the money, and how much they received. No mention is made of what they received the money for.
And $1,000 isn't very much to give when you are a corporation that makes millions of dollars in profits every single year.
And by the way it takes a lot more than $1,000 to go to college!! All that college student received from Wal-Mart was that measly $1,000! Where did the rest of their tuition come from? It wasn't Wal-Mart!!
On the other hand I am not surprised by Bill and Melinda Gates. Time Magazine listed them along with Bono as persons of the year. If I am correct, they give away about 58% of what they make. Compared to Wal-Mart's giving the Gates leave Wal-Mart in the dust!
Wal-Mart doesn't give to a community, they DRAIN A COMMUNITY.