Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Yes, Another ADE Poll

From your friendly Adirondack Daily Enterprise: Are you in favor of a community-owned department store for Saranac Lake?

Current results (6/29):

Yes: 71.3%
No: 27.2%
Undecided: 1.5%

Now why would anyone be opposed to a community department store in Saranac Lake? A community department store certainly would not be competition to a Wal-Mart or other large retailer. The Comm. for the Advancement of Retail Development should be overjoyed with the thought of a new retail store. They are for advancement of retail development, says so right in their name.

Go here to read the comments left on the poll site.

It took a couple days, but the nastier comments are now arriving. The nasty comments seem to correlate with an uptick in the number of 'NO' voters.

UPDATE: So far approximately 90 comments. 44 of them generally in favor of a community department store and 45 opposed. More than half of those opposed to a CDS seem to think they have to write uncivil comments. I guess Wal-Mart really brings out the best in people.

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