Friday, June 23, 2006

Stories on Community Store Public Forum - Saranac Lake

Report from WNBZ radio here.

Adirondack Daily Enterprise story here.

Plattsburgh Press Republican story here.


Anonymous said...

From ADE coverage -

"The store generally has six employees: a manager, who makes $40,000 annually with benefits and commission from sales; and five clerks, who make about $6.50 to $7 per hour with no benefits."

WOW! It's is on a par (or below that of Wal-Mart) as far as wages and benefits. Great! How many low wage employees with no benefits will the Saranac Lake store employ? What's the point of your recent rants and raves against Wal-Mart's low wages and lack of benefits?

Anonymous said...

P.S. I seriously doub't you will post this!

Anonymous said...

The BIG DIFFERENCE here is that for every job Wal-Mart provides in the community TWO ARE LOST.
In Vermont they did an ACT 250 study. What they discovered is that for every dollar Wal-Mart generated, $2.50 WAS LOST. Wal-Mart costs EVERYBODY.
A community department store GIVES BACK TO THE COMMUNITY. WAL-MART DRAINS THE COMMUNITY. Note the difference!!
Don't believe me. Read it for yourself. "The Case Against Wal-Mart" by Al Norman will give you plenty of facts as will his web site

Anonymous said...

Try to think a little more clearly. What the Powell Merc pays it's employees has nothing to do with what a Saranac Lake community store should pay. If you were actually at the meeting you would have heard the other speakers point out that employees should be paid a living wage.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the Saranac Lake Store may even pay less than the Powell Merc!