Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Todays Amusing Letter to the ADE Editor


"Wal-Mart already said in a statement that the village board vote will block a store from being built there, and Wal-Mart will not wait two years for a decision".

If Wal-Mart will not wait two years for a decision, that is their business decision. If they think an SL store will be profitable, they will two years, five years or ten years. It's a business decision.
"Stanley Chevrolet is now sitting empty, paying no salaries; it looks pretty bad when driving past it".

Yes, Stanley Chevrolet is sitting empty. It's a pretty big lot wouldn't you say? At least as big as the plaza across the street? Big enough for a 68,000 sq ft Wal-Mart probably. Business decision.
"This idea of a community department store is not the answer, it’s one of the worst solutions to the problem I’ve ever heard of".

It's a solution? Why? Are there any reasons other than that you want a 121,000 sq ft Wal-Mart instead?

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Anonymous said...

How sad that this letter writer doesn't consider a community departmemt store a solution. I've seen pictures of The Merc in Powell, Wyoming. People come FROM EVERYWHERE TO SEE IT AND TO SHOP THERE. I highly doubt people will come from EVERYWHERE TO SHOP AT WAL-MART. Wal-mart is everywhere. And you don't have to travel very far to find one. They're all alike-cookie cuttered out like most large corporations. A community department store cannot be found everywhere.
The writer of this letter shouldn't ctitize something THEY KNOW ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT. Check it out first.