Monday, June 19, 2006

Sour Grapes at its Best

Letter in Saturdays Adirondack Daily Enterprise by Jeffrey K. Branch (loser of the race for mayor of SL 838-579)sounds like sour grapes at its finest. Mr. Branch needs to learn how a representative government works and what 'open government' means.

1. democracy took a back seat to back-room politics. Where is the evidence that any back-room politics took place? That is a serious unsubstantiated charge.

2. democracy took a back seat to a vocal minority. What vocal minority? 838-579?

3. A motion to send the issue of rezoning the sand pit to public hearing was defeated. So by your definition, every single motion of importance needs to have a public hearing before it can be voted on by elected representatives?

4. ...a process which is the basis for the republic to which they pledge their allegiance prior to every meeting.... My, hopefully they won't be sent to Gitmo.

5. The residents of the village have been denied their constitutionally guaranteed rights to be heard. CARD, SAGA, Voters for Change, Coalition to Save Saranac Lake, countless letters to the editor, months of daily calls to talk of the town, radio interviews, town meetings, petitions, campaigns etc and no one was heard? 838-579

6. It is time you (Mayor Michael) start listening to the residents of this village and time you start acting in their interest. 838-579

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