Wednesday, March 08, 2006

SL Village Candidates Forum-Tue Mar 7

News articles about the candidate forum can be found here (WNBZ) and here (Press Republican), or you can listen to a report here (NCPR).

Basically the Wal-Mart stands can be summed up as follows:


Susan Waters, Trustee candidate. "But what we need is people who can really evaluate it and ask the right questions" (PR)
Christina Fontana, Trustee candidate. "We don't want to go into negotiations with Wal-Mart unprepared" (PR)
Tom Michael, Mayor candidate. Optimistic about trying to redevelop downtown


Linda Piro, Trustee candidate. On WalMart "But do I support it? You betcha. I want a store there" (WNBZ)
Anthony Knuth, Trustee candidate. "It's not just a village decision. We need to take into account what the area needs, what all of us need." (WNBZ)
Jeff Branch, Mayor candidate. "Something is coming, and when that something does come, we need to direct traffic to the downtown area" (WNBZ)

Next candidate forum is Thur. 5-6:30 PM at Harrietstown Town Hall

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