Monday, March 06, 2006

ADE Letters to the Editor - Mar 6

Some excerpts:

Should it be 121,000 sq ft? At the Feb. 13 meeting of the SL Village Board, a resident presented hundreds of additional signatures supporting a large retail store for SL, but when questioned, she said that the petitioners were supporting any large store, such as the vacant Ames. ...this is a wonderful opportunity for consensus. No one opposes a 40,000 sq ft store.
This is an excellent point. There is plenty of room at the proposed building site for residential housing and a medium sized box store.

Set aside selfish opposition to a Wal-Mart. I honestly believe that these people would be opposed to any large retail business, not just Wal-Mart. I also think they are selfish. Most of the residents of SL who are opposed to Wal-Mart have moved here to get away from the hustle and bustle of bigger towns and cities. ....what's stopping them from moving again? Where's the evidence that 'these people' would be opposed to any large retail business? Where's the evidence that most people opposed to Wal-Mart moved here from the city? Why do you want good citizens moving out of our town?

Don't be so hasty with a department store. ...most people who live or visit the Tri-Lakes would agree that a department store is needed. The size and the name of the store seems to be the issue. I would encourage the village officials and the community not to 'settle' on one store but to see what all the options are before deciding. Exactly right.

Plan first, implement second. ....I think the process we are pursuing to get one is flawed. The current Republican candidates seem to be the ready-fire-aim bunch, which is why I am supporting Tom Michael and his fellow Democrats. A major retailer in the center of town would be a real addition to the town, an anchor for all sorts of good things. Building in the Depot St area or the current Grand Union/Newman and Holmes site would be ideal. A 40,000 sq ft store should fit in either location. The store would also then be located in Franklin County.

Feeling betrayed by Donaldson. Shame on Cliff Donaldson... ...I, for one, feel betrayed by his secretive actions. I'm curious whether he has gained financially from his three-plus years of covert planning with Wal-Mart. Not an unreasonable question. How about it Mr. Donaldson?

Donaldson simply delivered on what was asked of him. To say his actions are, "outragious...downright corrupt...verging on autocratic" is to say it's OK to ignore the people and forget our request. He did his job not in secret but as a negotiator for our future. The Essex County Board of Supervisors didn't know about the Dondalson/Wal-Mart 'negotiations', nor did the SL Mayor, Village of Saranac Lake Board of Trustees or SL Village manager. What is that if not secret?

Arrogant, questionable behavior. We know now that the entire Wal-Mart negotiation has been carried on in secret behind closed doors. Were these behind-the-scenes operations carried on without the present village board's knowledge? We may never know for sure. ...right along there has been a palpable hostility coming from some on the village board toward public input. ...when a store wants to build here, it is imperative that we negotiate with them to get the best economic deal possible for area residents. This cannot be done by a board that already commits itself up-front to bringing in a particular store well before economic studies and negotiations have even taken place. I'm biased, but the Democrat slate of candidates will almost definitely cut a better deal for the residents of SL than the Republican candidates. It really is time for some fresh blood on the Village Board.

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