Friday, March 10, 2006

ADE Thur Letters to the Editor

Three letters last night.

Issues with the Wal-Mart Proposal. Three issues: 1) Essex County Brd of Supervisors were and are clueless as to what Cliff Donaldson does, 2) Proposed Wal-Mart store is too big and would be built in a poor location, what a beautiful village and community does not need is this monster of a store..., 3) Hopes that Wal-Mart's treatment of their employees are not as accurate as as has been said.

Don't let Wal-Mart issue break up community. In SL it's us against them and them against us. Look to elected officials. Let them know what we think. I will work to be open-eyed, open-eared, open-minded and open-hearted.

Enterprise wrong, owes Donaldson an apology. ...Donaldson has done what you and your search committee, SAGA, the chamber of commerce, the planning board, the village board, the merchants association and many other private citizens have failed to do. He should be commended rather than villified... Opponents are short-sighted...Wal-Mart will attract business back to SL.

People continue to believe that Wal-Mart will attract business back to SL. Okay, show me the proof. Show me the research, the market studies, where it has happened in other small rural towns. Would you please read Dr. Ken Stone's paper Impact of the Wal-Mart Phenomenon on Rural Communities. This paper specifically addresses the effects of a Wal-Mart on communities just like SL and other surrounding us.

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