Saturday, March 11, 2006

ADE Sat Letters to the Editor

Three letters today.

Need of the many. "The residents of these communities need a sure thing, something to keep us shopping in the area." More, "I find it selfish that a small number of naysayers would attempt to dictate who sets up shop in this community. Based on our per-capita incomes alone, the needs of the many far outweigh the wants of the few."

This person cites a per-capita income of under $18,000 for the the Tri-Lakes area. In Franklin County it's actually $15,888 for 1999 (currently $18,250 based on 2% increase per year). However, median household income is $31,517 for 1999 (currently $36,203 based on 2% increase per year). This is a depressed area. But explain how bringing in a company that has been shown to result in increased poverty is going to help the needy. You could argue that Wal-Mart depends on needy individuals to survive. Who is being selfish here? Small number of naysayers? It seems that almost everyone in the area agrees we need a large retailer. The so called 'naysayers' are mostly arguing about size and political process.

Wal-Mart can help SL revive. "The village of Saranac Lake is the gem of the Adirondacks and home to several thousand people who, in my opinion, would benefit with a Wal-Mart, and Saranac Lake again will return to its glory."

Saranac Lake, in it's glory, was the result of thousands of people suffering from tuberculosis. Saranac Lake was a gem to these people because it gave many of them back their health. Saranac Lake continues to be a gem because of it's unspoiled beauty and timelessness. Wal-Mart will almost certainly not add to the character of Saranac Lake.

Too big for village. "The real concern of mine is that in our sparsly populated rural area, there aren't enough consumers to support the megastore that Wal-Mart wants to open."

A Wal-Mart in Saranac Lake. One in Plattsburgh 45 mi away, one in Malone 45 mi away, one in Potsdam 60 mi away and one in Ticonderoga 60 mi away. Population (2004) of Essex County 38,909; Franklin County 51,009. It would be interesting to see Wal-Marts marketing plan for the North Country.

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