Friday, July 14, 2006

Wal-Mart YES or Wal-Mart NO Signs

Call Wal-Mart and they will send you a cool free "WalMart Yes" sign for your lawn. You can also get them if you don't support WalMart and the Yes is easy enough to change to anything else you want it to say. But it's almost not worth it. Looking within the Saranac Lake Village limits, the French Hill area, the Lake St/Petrova area, the Baker St/Lower Park Av. area and the Shepard/Franklin Av. areas you only see pockets of these signs. I was expecting to see at least 20% of the lawns sporting "WalMart Yes" signs but I doubt it's even 10%. This isn't too surprising. If WalMart supporters were a majority within the SL Village limits, Tom Michael wouldn't be mayor nor would be have two new Democrat trustees.

Now the Save Saranac Lake Coalition is also going to make signs. They are having a sign making get-together this Sunday, July 16th from 6PM to 9PM in the park in Gabrial's. Your kids are invited also as there is a playground in the park. Bring plywood, paint, brushes, tools etc although there will be extra material there.
SSLC points out:
We know that a battle of the signs can get ugly. But, please remember, IF Wal-Mart gets in, the ugliness is here to stay...........signs are temporary.
It will be interesting to see what slogans appear on these signs.


Anonymous said...

WAL-Mart, The REAL rich outsiders. or Wal-Mart destroys Communities or Protect our unique community, say NO to big box stores or WAL-MART is un American or GO AWAY WAL-MART, gosh the slogans keep coming!

Anonymous said...

I've said it so many, many times. If the majority of Saranac Lake wanted a Wal-Mart then our new Mayor would be Jeff Branch and his trustees would be Linda and Anthony. Hello? Am I right on this one? How come our new Mayor is Tom Michael and our trustees are Christy Fontana and Susan Waters.
The campaign was run fair and square folks. And it wasn't even close. There were about 600 votes separating the two parties. Since that is the case, how come the Wal-Mart supporters keep insisting they are in the majority? As one person wrote on a recent ADE survey "the people have spoken."
Don't get me wrong, I for one realize that we do need a department store here. But what was the rush to rezone the sand lot? This is OUR TOWN. And since it is we have every right to decide what comes in, and what size it is. Unfortunately, Wal-mart doesn't know the meaning of the word compromise. How sad!
Let's get those "no" signs up folks. Wal-Mart opponents are in the majority-not the other way around!

Anonymous said...

Wal-Mart is such an easy target...well, in that it's easy to find so many negative things to say about them - and we don't have to make anything up: it's all true and there is a litany of facts and information to back it up! As opposed to Wal-Mart and it's supporters who have to perpetuate misleading myths that are not based in any reality.

how about:
Wal-Mart: uncompromising
Wal-Mart - YES to low paying jobs
Wal-Mart - YES to no benefits
Wal-Mart - YES to destroying downtowns
Wal-Mart - YES to bullying and intimidating
it goes on and on.....

Anonymous said...

Too bad the Wal-Mart No supporters have now resorted to stealing the Wal-Mart YES signs of from the lawns of private citizens in this community. Must be they have something against Constitutional freedoms of speach and expression. I had my Wal-Mart sign removed from my law, but I quickly replaced it and ordered a stock of "spares" if the need arises. I guess you anti-Wal-Marters are pretty scared and have to resort to "stealing" property from front lawns! Sad, REALLY SAD!

Adirondack Wal-Mart said...

It's spelled speech not speach. And I agree, the WalMart Yes signs should NOT be removed. I like the fact that there are already so few of them stuck on front lawns.

It could be that anti-WalMart people are stealing these signs but it's just as likely that pro-WalMart people are using a technique straight out of the Karl Rove playbook. Steal your own signs and blame it on the opposition.

Anonymous said...

I only know that my sign and that of my neighbor mysteriously disappeared. What I fined amusing is that the lame Wal-Mart NO signs are even more rare! I have only seen TWO so far!

tom mcginnis said...

If you are going to let Walmart divide a "hometown", then the true battle is already lost.

This debate isnt about class. its not about need versus village identity. Its about commercialism & conspicuous consumption versus asthetics.

The people that think they need walmart, dont. everyone is doing fine without the cheap, foreign made, inessential items.

This area is a natural wonder. Lets not tarnish it with more bickering and consumerism.

Anonymous said...

Wal-Mart opponents have very few signs out. Why? Because they don't have a RICH CORPORATION TO MAKE THE SIGNS FOR THEM THAT'S WHY! I have said this dozens and dozens of times since the election. IF THE MAJORITY OF SARANAC LAKE WANTED A 121,000 WAL-MART THEN WHY DIDN'T THE REPUBLICANS GET ELECTED? Who is our new mayor? Is his name Jeff Branch? Hello? Now what is his name? Is it perhaps Tom Michael? And who are our new village trustees? Are their names Linda and Anthony? Hello? Or are their names Susan and Christy?
The election was fair and square folks. Perhaps at the next board meeting I should try calling our "new" mayor Mr. Branch. And I should call our "new" trustees Linda and Anthony. Do you think someone would tell me I had their names wrong?
Wal-Mart supporters seem to forget who won the last election. There was at least 600 votes separating the two parties. The people have spoken. Wal-Mart supporters are in the majority, not the other way around.

thomas mcginnis said...

Lets get this straight. The signs dont matter. do you think our elected officials really care about what the constituent's think?? they care about what their party says, and what the vested interests think.

This town is forgotten in time. still there is money to be made, even for a huge corporation like walmart. thats because capitalism is our way of life, and niche must be filled. yet many business's in this part inadequetly serve their "constituent's"

The only way small business's can survive in saranac lake is to be admired. admired by the wealthy and poor. those small business's, must engender, real support, and loyalty. we dont have that in this town. otherwise walmart wouldnt stand a chance.