Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Wal-Mart and China and TOTT

This morning a Wal-Mart critic called TOTT and pointed out that 28 cents out of every dollar spent at Wal-Mart goes to China, a communist country. Four callers were obviously ready at the phones to point out the error-of-his-ways of this poor Wal-Mart critic. I don't know if the 28 cent figure is correct or not, but the Wal-Mart critic certainly had a point. He just didn't take it to the next step.

Wal-Mart supporters will immediately scream "but everybody sells Chinese made products". That's true. But most everybody doesn't have a choice but to sell Chinese or other foreign-made consumer goods. Wal-Mart is one of the major reasons that so many retail goods are now made overseas. Wal-Mart forces it's suppliers to cut prices to the bone such that they eventually have no choice but to go overseas. One example out of many, many, many.
Take the L.R. Nelson lawn sprinklers, which used to be made in Peoria, Ill., before Wal-Mart pressured Nelson to make them in China instead. Before the move, one laid-off Peoria worker told the reporter, Chinese managers were "walking around the plant and videotaping us working. That was horrible, horrendous. Right in our faces. They are taking our jobs." More HERE and HERE.
I can understand people wanting good bargains and thus supporting Wal-Mart. I don't understand the blind, uneducated support however. You want cheap prices and you don't care what Wal-Mart is doing to our country (and the World), fine. But at least make an attempt to understand exactly what you are supporting. After all, it's not your job that's being exported overseas. Yet. Remember, you can't buy all that stuff you want if you don't have a job.


Anonymous said...

Give me a break Peter S.! I have purchased items from the great and respected "All American" Maine company L.L. Bean and guess what! Many of their items are made in China! Next time you look closely at any retailer's items - or even those listed as "imported" in their glossy catalogs I bet more than 75% of the stuff offered comes from China! It is not just Wal-Mart involved in this it is every retail company across this nation. Give me a break and admit we are all involved in this global economy and singling out Wal-Mart is highly hypocritical. I suppose the community store proposed for our fair village will not sell items from China! Will you not buy "anything" form China?

Adirondack Wal-Mart said...

Nope, no break on this one because your reading comprehension is lacking. Read exactly what I wrote, especially the second paragraph (maybe read it two or three times, especially the first and second sentences). Then tell me where it says that no other companies buy from China. Then click on the links and read the examples. I'd be really impressed if you would read Charles Fishman book to find out why so much stuff is made in China (it's at the library). I'll read the book that explains why Wal-Mart is so good for our country. Please give me the author.

Yes, a community store would have to buy Chinese products because they no longer have a choice.

And look, if you want to use my name, why don't you go ahead and just do so. Then I can join some of the Village Board members getting nasty hate mail. Besides, it looks silly to start printing my name letter by letter.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you come out of the shadows anyway Peter since you are such an advocate! Are you afraid of something?

Adirondack Wal-Mart said...

And why don't you address my comments to you? Can't you do it?