Friday, May 26, 2006

What's Next----------??????

These 'outsiders' with 'disposable income' are trying to have their way again.
First, they change the school mascot from a fierce REDSKIN to a wimpy storm; Next, they change the spelling of Schoeter's Field!!!!; Now they are sending out direct mail trying to get us to build a 121,000 sq ft Wal-Mart SuperCenter. These 'outsiders' are in the minority so it's not really certain how they make all these changes.

What's next? Fire and brimstone coming down from the skies; rivers and seas boiling; 40 yrs of darkness, earthquakes, volcanos; the dead rising from the grave; human sacrifice?


Something must be done with these 'outsiders'.


Anonymous said...

This post card is a slicker than slick campaign to convince us that Wal-mart is good for this community. Please take note who PAID FOR THIS. On the front, where the address is, in small letters on the bottom right hand corner it says "paid for by Wal-Mart Stores, inc."
DO NOT BE FOOLED. Al Norman of Sprawl-Busters calls Wal-Mart's information "Wal-Math." Translation: Wal-Mart comes up with figures that simply don't add up. We all know that 2 + 2 equals 4. But in Wal-Math 2 + 2 would equal 3, perhaps 6.
Look at it another way. Wal-mart says that they will create 200 jobs. But that is PROVIDED THAT NO OTHER RETAIL BUSINESS GOES OUT OF BUSINESS. If that happens then those folks working in those retail establishments are now OUT OF WORK. But what usually happens is that they go to work for Wal-Mart. So in reality 200 jobs are created ONLY IF NO RETAIL STORE GOES OUT OF BUSINESS. And keep in mind that most of these 200 jobs will be part-time with little or no benefits. So while Wal-mart tries to convince us that they will create 200 jobs, that information is not entirely correct.
Take a close look at their property tax figures. Essex County will be receiving ALL THE SALES TAX FROM THIS STORE. And don't count on more than $200,000 a year in local property revenues. Wal-Mart COSTS COMMUNITIES. One is in increased crime rates. In 2004 police received 148,331 calls for service for 551 Wal-mart stores analyzed. For just the 551 stores sampled there were police calls for violent or serious crimes including 4 homicides, 9 rapes or rape attempts, 23 kidnapings or attempts, 154 sex crimes 550 robberies or attempts, and 1,024 auto thefts. Based on the number of reported police incidents for the sample, it is estimated police responded to nearly 1 million police incidents at Wal-Mart in 2004 costing TAXPAYERS $77 MILLION ANNUALLY!!
Read all about crime figures at Wal-mart at "" Look under "news flashes." Scrowl down to a May 20, 2006 article titled "Washton,DC-Wal-Mart:High everyday crime-always.
Wal-Mart figures on this slick post card are nothing more than Wal-Math. Their figures simply don't add up.

Anonymous said...

Folks who do not want a WM - especially the 121,000 proposed WM (which is the photo) - should send that Postcard marked 'NO, I DO NOT SUPPORT A WM COMING TO SL' to the Village Board at:

Saranac Lake Village Board
3 Main Street
Saranac Lake, NY 12983

We are afraid sending them back to WM may be wasteful on our efforts. WM really does not care about our community. We believe it will make no difference to WM but it may make a difference to our Village Officials.