Tuesday, May 23, 2006

What Do Anti-Wal-Marters Want? Just Ask Sam Walton.

Walmartwatch has started "A Handshake With Sam" proposal.

Walmartwatch asks "WHAT DEFINES A GREAT AMERICAN INSTITUTION? And what are its obligations to the common good?"

They then propose The "Handshake Agreement" below is an agreement of shared principles offered in good faith to the executives and board members of Wal-Mart.
The interesting thing about these seven proposals is that they are all based on quotes from WalMart founder Sam Walton.

You can sign a petition supporting this proposal at Walmartwatch.

The "Handshake With Sam" proposal consists of seven different 'items' of moral responsibility that Walmartwatch proposes that Wal-Mart excutives and board members support. They can be seen in this pdf of a NYT ad.

A 23 page detailed overview of the proposal can be viewed here. A 2 page informational brochure of the proposals is here.

For those that have a slow modem, the seven proposals (without the supporting Sam Walton quotes) are:

1) Protect human dignity
2) Ensure quality and affordable healthcare coverage
3) Use market power to improve supplier conditions and wages
4) Enable and embrace self sufficiency
5) Buy local first
6) Keep it clean
7) Prove worthy of the public trust

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Anonymous said...

Wal-Mart's response:

"The fact is that our customers and our associates seem to be pleased with our approach to the products we provide and the benefits we provide. We will always be a company that looks to continuously improve," McAdam said.