Friday, February 24, 2006

How About a Cooperative Department Store?

Here is the ideal spot for development in Saranac Lake. The area bounded by Broadway, Bloomingdale Ave, Cedar St and Margaret St. It's an eyesore in the middle of town, is located near the Union Depot, but evidently consists of lots owned by several different people. It's within walking distance of a large number of residents and if the train ever runs from Utica to SL you could even cheaply ship goods on the train. Wouldn't it be wonderful to locate a community department store based upon a cooperative venture. A forward looking community might discuss the possibility of such a venture and even search for State or Federal Funding to purchase land and put up a building to lease.


Anonymous said...

At a revitalization meetintg some time ago, it was suggested numerous times that this property be developed. This is an excellent idea, and great property that is just sitting there. This store could be community owned and run just like in Powell, Wyoming. These good folks got creative when they lost their department store
"stage" some years ago. They successfully raised $400,000. Everyone interested contributed $500.00. This is not a large sum for most folks, and look at how much they raised!! I believe most of our property in our business district is owned by "absentee landlords." That tells me they don't live here. Wouldn't it be great to have a store OWNED, RUN, AND MANAGED BY LOCALS?

Adirondack Wal-Mart said...

I was trying to remember where I read about a community owned department store. I was thinking Colorado but I believe it was the one in Wyoming now. Count me in to purchase a few shares in a community department store. Anyone else?