Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Fun at Wal-Mart!

A list of 68 fun things to do at Wal-Mart HERE

Got to admire someone who will list every single city that has a Wal-Mart store.

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Karina Jackson said...

I just wanted to write a quick comment to thank you for creating this site to open up the dialogue about this important issue. I don't think Wal-mart is the right solution for SL and I'm glad to see the community engaging in this discussion.

It seems that some residents feel lucky that Wal-mart deems our village worthy of a store, but the reality is that Wal-mart sees an opportunity to vacuum profit out of our local economy to enrich their shareholders. Wal-mart makes the most profit from low-income shoppers because their marketing tactics trick the consumers into buying 80% more than what they intended to buy when they enter the store. In fact, their prices ARE NOT lower than elsewhere, they simply market a few key products at ridiculously low prices to trick buyers into thinking all of their prices are lower than other stores.

Saranac Lake is lucky to NOT have box stores. I grew up in Saranac Lake and still consider it my home, even though I haven't lived there in years. With the perspective of living elsewhere, I now see SL as the amazing place that it is. I took the beauty and friendliness of the town for granted, but now when I return I am constantly in awe of our special place. And from this outsider persepctive I dread going home to Saranac Lake to find big box stores that look identical to most other towns in America. "Generica." If Saranac Lake loses its unique quality, the tourists will go elsewhere to find it, and our economy will suffer significantly.

There are many other solutions to access low price products locally, and the residents of Saranac Lake are responsible to find the best solution. Every dollar spent is a decision about one's own beliefs. I choose to spend my money in stores that treat their employees as I want to be treated for my own hard work. I choose to buy good quality products that I deserve to own. I choose to support local stores to keep my money rotating through the local community instead of sending it into the bank accounts of wealthy CEOs and stock-holders. And, I choose to support companies that pay fair prices for the products so that I know that I am helping an ethical factory hire adults to work in healthy conditions for a fair wage. Therefore, I don't shop at Wal-mart.

Saranac Lake deserves a company that loves our community as much as we do, a company that will constantly and generously invest in the community. Let's bring in a company that we would all want to work for, because many of us may end up on their payroll. Let's bring in a company that shows they care about our village by working with us to build a store that will enhance the beauty and economy of Saranac Lake. We need to stand strong and stand together to do what is right for this community. I am proud to join you as we improve the village to be a better place to raise our families.