Thursday, February 23, 2006

A Diary by a Wal-Mart Employee

Working at Wal-Mart is a blog written by "An Associate" who lives in Maine.

Concerned about WAL-MART's impact on our world, I decided to infiltrate my local Supercenter in an effort to better understand the company and especially the conditions faced by its workers. In the months since I have truly learned what it is like to be a low-wage associate inside this retailing goliath (hint: it's not particularly pleasant...) This is the story of the working poor, which hopefully will inspire us as consumers to seek change by boycotting WAL-MART.

This person has 'infiltrated' Wal-Mart and has written about his experiences from application time to interview to training to working. It is REALLY well written and well worth reading, especially if you plan to work at Wal-Mart. Start at the bottom of the January archieve and read your way up.


Anonymous said...

For those of you who think Wal-Mart is so great, you should read this story. It took me a while to read it all, but this was time well spent. Sleezy is not a rotten enough word for what I read.
Wal-Mart in its quest to save money and cut expenses, CHEATS EVERYONE!! They cheat their employees by working them to death, giving them no benefits and providing a "living hell" type of work experience. It is bad enough to cheat your employees, but then they EVEN CHEAT THEIR CUSTOMERS!!
I have shopped very little in Wal-Mart. It is a joyless experience. Crowded stores, wall to wall cheap stuff, long lines at the check out, etc. It is a far cry from a "leisurely" shopping trip.
CAN ANYONE TELL ME WHY WE WOULD POSSIBLY WANT THIS DISPICABLE COMPANY IN OUR HOME TOWN? If we would only put a cap on retal development, (Saga's cap of 40,000 is about right) then they would leave, and we could pursue other much better options. And yes, THERE ARE MUCH BETTER OPTIONS!!

Anonymous said...

It's amazing the lengths the biased anti-Wal-Mart, Big Labor Union Funded groups will go to in an attempt to promote their position. I take this obviously prejudiced from the get-go "infiltrators" story with a "grain of salt" as the stunt was done merely as an inflammatory propaganda exercise and possibly is totally fictitious. I'm seriously skeptical about this entire account, but it truly is amazing how some people, the above response, get so sucked in with these unsubstantiated web blogs. Anyway, I believe the whole internet is populated with such sites with hidden agendas and I suspect most of the anti-Big-Box-Wal-Mart type of sites and postings are funded by Organized Labor Unions - which I might add have done ponderous things for the US Auto Industry - I wonder how many Saranac Lake anti-Wal-Mart Hypocrites travel back and forth to Plattsburgh, Glens Falls, Albany, Burlington, etc... in their non-USA automobiles, to shop at the Big Boxes there? I am a Saranac Lake resident who Is not buying into this posted Crap! Bring WAL-Mart to Saranac Lake!

Anonymous said...

It is unfortunate that the above "annonymous" writer is so "short sighted." They are ASSUMING that if Wal-Mart comes to Saranac Lake that they will be a PERMANENT FIXTURE IN OUR VILLAGE!
Wrong! Wal-mart currently has over 350 empty stores in the U.S. They don't give A DAMM ABOUT OUR VILLAGE AND THEY NEVER HAVE.
The average Wal-Mart worker QUITS AFTER WORKING THERE FOR 3 MONTHS. Wal-Mart has to replace about 52,500 workers EVERY SINGLE MONTH. Don't believe me? Then you should read "The Case Against Wal-Mart" by Al Norman. Another book worth reading is "The Wal-Mart Effect" by Charles Fishman.
Fortunately, Wal-Mart's foundation is beginning to crumble. There are numerous lawsuits against them and they get sued 2-5 times EVERY SINGLE DAY! Many states now are working on laws that will FORCE Wal-Mart to start providing health coverage for their employees. If they don't they will have to kick into the state's medicaid fund. This is a company that makes money because they USE OTHER PEOPLE TO DO SO.
And by the way even if Wal-mart does come to our village--it WILL BE 2 YEARS BEFORE THEY CAN DO SO!
The first year is spent in rezoning the property, SEQR paperwork, selling the property, etc. That process takes at least 1 year. Then by Wal-Mart's own admission--putting up the building and stocking it, etc. takes another year. So don't expext them in our village anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

Fine! We of the Pro-Wal-Mart CARD group are more than prepared to fight and wait the two years it takes to complete this process! We will see you at the SEQR hearings - let the games begin!

Adirondack Wal-Mart said...

It's good to be skeptical. However, If that blog is a fake, it's a very good fake. Moreover, you can see a lot more of those types of stories at although they are not as elequently written.

whatever said...
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Anonymous said...

Dear Pete,

I have not checked your web blog of late, but it looks like you have a real classy and intellectual following for your latest blogs. The above individual is a case in point - need I say more - he comes off like a "real Big Baby"!

Adirondack Wal-Mart said...

Dear 'Anonymous',
Sorry I didn't catch that one. I have deleted it. However, please be honest about not checking the blog of late. You check this blog at least 4-5 times a day. For instance, yesterday you checked at 8:23 AM and were on for at least one minute, then again at 10:53 AM but only for 22 seconds, again at 12:09 PM for at least 22 minutes, at 3:39 PM for 28 minutes, at 5:10 PM for 8 minutes. Last Friday you checked 6 times and on Thursday 5 times. You are little more 'classy' but you still like to fan the flames.