Tuesday, October 03, 2006

New Yorkers Resist Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart is not having the easiest time building stores in NY.
"We're facing a lot of opposition and a lot of organized opposition," said Philip Serghini, senior public affairs manager for Wal-Mart. "We're trying to leverage our allies."
Lima Citizens for Responsible Development would like the Town Board to declare a moratorium on development larger than 20,000 square feet until the town's comprehensive master plan is approved and related zoning regulations take effect.
Wouldn't it be nice if Saranac Lake decided on retail store size limits?

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Anonymous said...

When Wal-Mart was trying to get into Lake Placid, there were folks here trying to get a building cap in Saranac Lake. UNFORTUNATELY, they were not successful and the result is obvious. Years later Wal-Mart returned to our village. They probably saw us as EASY PICKINGS and figured they would have a store here by now. What happened was opposition formed and in the process people grew hateful, angry, and bitter. There was lots of name calling, and TOTT's format had to be changed because it.
All of this goes to prove that we needed a cap back then, and WE NEED ONE NOW. A 121,000 square foot store is way out of line for our area. Ames came in at 42,000 square feet and was big enough. SAGA's idea of 40,000 square feet is right. 40,000 square feet gives you plenty of room for inventory. And even if we did get that 121,000 square foot store, it would be EMPTY IN ABOUT 5 YEARS. A store that size CANNOT BE SUPPORTED BY OUR AREA. When are we FINALLY going to get a cap on our village?