Thursday, September 28, 2006

One Thing Wal-Mart Could Do

Our favorite Edelman PR Wal-Mart blogger and Better Paid Critic Mike Krempasky is in the Wal-Mart-osphere again via "the Bivings Report"

Mike wants to know what he can do to get "The Consumerist" to stop writing about his (Edelman's) companies (clients I presume).

I have one recommendation that he can convey to Wal-Mart, Inc. It won't cost Wal-Mart a single penny except for maybe a bit of time. Here it is:

Start respecting our communities!

You want to build a SuperCenter in a tiny Adirondack Park community? How about discussing your plans openly with the residents of the community rather than working to split the community apart? How about talking with the residents that have reasons to oppose building a Wal-Mart rather than just those that support it. Maybe you can change their minds. Maybe they will convince you to compromise. But no matter what it would at least show some respect for the entire community.

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Anonymous said...

Could Wal-Mart show some respect for small communities? Yes. Are they interested in doing so? No. They only want what THEY want and are not interested in what the community may want. The only respect they are out to gain is that of their stockholders. And with the company in such a bad light their stockholders can't be too pleased.
Anything Wal-Mart is doing, they are doing it for one purpose only. They need to improve their image. But if they had been doing the right thing all along, they wouldn't have this IMAGE PROBLEM. When are they FINALLY going to learn how to treat their employees, communities they want to get into, and yes, even their customers.