Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Congratulations Chris Knight - WNBZ Radio

Do you agree with the letter below:

In an on-air speech Friday I heard Chris Knight talk about the changes that he was going to make on “Talk of the Town.” There were a lot of opinions about where the show was going, but what I found hysterical was relating “Talk of the Town” to the Jerry Springer show. I guess whoever made that comment never watched the Jerry Springer show because Chris Knight is not giving out “Chrissy Beads.”

I also find it amusing that now you can NOT mention local businesses by name. Hum, could it be that those businesses being mentioned are paid advertisers for the radio station?

For the people who complain about the same callers every day, why don’t you call then? Kudos to the people who call and give their comments and names. Keep up the good work.

Finally, Wal-Mart is a big issue!! And people are letting off steam and want it heard, even if it is every day. Maybe Chris Knight is anti-Wal-Mart?

To people of the Saranac Lake area, we need to stand up and be heard about Wal-Mart.

By the way, where are my “Chrissy Beads”?

Joy Gonyea

Personally, I think the "Talk of the Town Radio" show has actually been worth listening to the last couple of weeks. There are new voices on the show and they actually have opinions backed up with facts in many cases. The negativity on the show seems to be history. The rule of not complaining about local businesses by name has been re-emphesized. No where have I heard Mr. Knight say you can't talk about Wal-Mart or any other business. But how many times do we need to hear "go Wal-Mart"?


Anonymous said...

I'm just sorry it took so long for Chris to make the change! What a difference. When you demand class, you get it. Kudos to the radion station and to Chris.

Anonymous said...

Chris Knight's interest in changing the TOTT format is a welcome step from the divisive garbage that so many callers spewed on that show. I refused to listen to it because it WAS the same people calling in over and over again with NOTHING positive to contribute. Let's pressure the ADE to follow in Chris's footsteps and change some of their policies regarding their web poll comments.

Anonymous said...

Listening to TOTT was almost depressing and certainly annoying. And yes, I got tired of people calling in and saying "Go, Wal-Mart." I stopped listening years ago. Now that the format has changed I will probably tune in from time to time.
I am grateful that Chris finally changed the program. People were not calling in with ANYTHING CONSTRUCTIVE. They were calling in to COMPLAIN, CRITICIZE AND WHINE because we didn't have a Wal-Mart.
Thank you Chris for changing the program!

Anonymous said...

Chris is hardly anti walmart, or pro walmart for that matter. He keeps his personal feelings to himself as a good host should and has been remarkably fair and patient for a long time with the "go walmart" crowd. Believe it or not there are other issues in the village and they can't all be solved by having a Walmart. Also I suspect some of Joy's dislike of the new format may come from her being the wife of Walmart's biggest fan, Rick Gonyea.