Tuesday, August 29, 2006

SAGA , Wikipedia and Lying Libelous Liars

Wal-Mart supporters are so in love with Wal-Mart that they resort to publishing libelous statements about SAGA on Wikipedia.
SAGA was firmly anti-Wal-Mart, opposing the mega-retailer because of the havoc the organization thought it would wreak on local business. The local businesses were weak, ineffective, and generally ignored the needs of the local resident, preferring instead to cater to wishes of a small group of affluent summer visitors.
And this:
The community, due to the criminal meddling of SAGA, now lacks any kind of retail resources, no clean grocery store:
How can you be anything other than speechless about this?

This is actually a standard Wal-Mart supporter ploy. Wal-Mart supporters have been been waging a war on a fair point of view on the Wikipedia Wal-Mart entry. One place you can read more about it is here or google Wal-Mart + Wikipedia + war.

UPDATE: The Wikipedia entry for Sound Adirondack Growth has been edited to reflect the true purpose of the organization and its stance on Wal-Mart. We'll see how long it lasts.


Anonymous said...

Does Wikepedia bother to verify the information it receives from God-knows-who? SAGA should sue their asses off! Get an ADE reporter on this too!

Anonymous said...

I think quietly monitoring the Wikipedia site and making positive adjustments every time someone tries to print biased perspectives promoting wal-mart while villifying anti Wal-marters would have far greater benefit. This is nothing but bad press...as it was intended and each time you put yourself in a defensive position it muddies the water as to who is the true guilty party. Choose your battles carefully...Educating Saranac Lake people about the how's of Wikipedia is an exercise in futility.