Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Proclamation - Community Store Will Fail

Well you community store supporters should just pack up your bags and go...ummm home. The community store will fail - so says letter to the editor writer Ed Trathen.

One reason it will fail is because shares in the corporation will be available to all residents of New York State and not just SL area residents. It's too bad the Community Store organizers have to follow the law (unlike some major corporations).

Another reason the Community Store will fail is because they link to news stories about Wal-Mart on their website. There should be more news about the community store. Well, there are 3 links to news stories about the community store and I'm guessing there will be more stories when there is something new to be reported.

The Community Store may succeed or may fail, but I doubt it will be because of what is or isn't posted on their website.

PS: Note to Mr. Andersen. Yeah, Yeah, the town is slowly dying. People have been saying that ever since the discovery of streptomycin put the sanitarium out of business. Personally, I thought the town started dying when the Altamont Dairy Bar ceased to exist.


Anonymous said...

Yet another who just doesn't get it! Wal-Mart is the one who causes no other retailers to be interested. WM may scare them but they don't scare us. SL is strong and can make things happen. Perhaps Mr. Trathen should go cry in his beer with the writer of the other guy who wrote a letter today.

Anonymous said...

Here is the crux of the matter. There are those who get involved, who don't just sit around and talk about the problems of the world or the community...but work very hard to make a difference in solving them.

I have not seen Mr. Anderson at any of the events meant to discuss the issues at hand, gather some facts and act upon them. Where have Mr Anderson and some of the vocal others been?

"While I wait, I guess I’ll just sit in the bar with all my buddies and just talk about it." Chistopher Anderson, ADE Letter to the Editor.

whoami123 said...
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Anonymous said...

I don't know where this letter writer has been recently but it has not been in Saranac Lake! Years ago during the 1970's and perhaps 1980's the village had loads of bars. But today we only have a few left. Today we only have The Waterhole, Snuffy's, The Boathouse, Shue's, and The Rusty Nail. I may have left out one or two, but that's about all we now have in the downtown. I'm not talking about bars outside of the village.
But for those who remember what it was like many years ago, we have lost MANY BARS. Some of those lost were:
Earl's Tavern
Chuck's Bar
Friend's Pub
Dr. Y's
Mark's Bar
The Rainbow
The Mar Mac
The Store
Little Joe's
The Tap Room
The Back Door
Dew Drop Inn (there was a bar
in the restrurant)
I may have left one or two out, but that's what I remember in the downtown. And we had more outside of the village. So I don't know where this letter writer is living, BUT IT'S NOT IN SARANAC LAKE!

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with the above

Anonymous said...

I can never understand the dramatic "Saranac Lake is dying" proclamations! This a much better place to live and raise kids then it was when I was growing up here back in the 70's. I guess they thinks bars are better for the community then "speciality shops" I also don't know why hair salons, book stores, reasonably priced toy stores and clothing stores like goody goody's and fashion unlimited are considered "speciality", but go figure.