Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Paid Critics are Paid Liars for Wal-Mart

Paidcritics always make me chuckle. They love to pull the wool over the eyes of Wal-Mart supporters. The paid Edelman PR liars over at paidcritics.com sound like GW Bush. You are either for Wal-Mart Associates and Wal-Mart,Inc or you are against them both. Well maybe someone could think of a few ways you could be for the 'associates' in ways that Wal-Mart might not think is good for the company.

The Edelman PR paid liars today are telling the heart throbbing story of how Wal-Mart is rebuilding Waveland, MS. Go to the independe Wal-Mart supported life at wal-mart blog or just go to walmartfacts.com and click on 'blog' to hear Wal-Mart associate Jerry tell his story (I bet his salary doesn't get capped).

Wal-Mart got some badly needed PR when they went to the aid of hurricane Katrina victims. Why the Waltons themselves, good people that they are, donated $8 million dollars to hurricane relief. That's about 0.01% of their yearly dividend income, estimated to be about $800 million a year.

However, some people know that the Waltons and Wal-Mart Inc. got 100% tax deductions for their donations?
H.R.3768 Suspends limitations on individual and corporate tax deductions for cash contributions to charitable organizations made between August 28 and December 31, 2005.
Yes, you can get your facts at Walmartfacts or paidcritics or workingfamiliesforwalmart. But if you do, you are not getting the whole story.

Read an evaluation of Wal-Mart charity here.
Like the flowers and other tokens of courtship from a suitor who later becomes a wife-beater, such gifts are often followed by demands for public subsidies and tax breaks. In this way Wal-Mart is repeating the strategy that has served it so well in Arkansas, where Wal-Mart and the Waltons' charitable gifts are many and company critics are relatively few. Says Lindsay Brown, president of the Central Arkansas Labor Council, "It's a hell of a plan, and it works."

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