Friday, August 18, 2006


There are different kinds of activism. You can call 'Talk of the Town' and complain, you can pound a 'Wal-Mart YES' sign into your lawn or you can actually do something. Yesterday, the Adirondack Daily Enterprise editorial board bemoaned the fact that Saranac Lake has no leaders. Today they publish an article about two leaders; Gloria Volz (member of Save Saranac Lake Coalition) and Gail Brill.
But Brill is apparently doing more than just leading the charge for the community-owned store; she taking steps to make sure that the local grocery stores are up to par.

Recently, Brill helped initiate a meeting with the district manager and a customer service representative of Grand Union to give the corporation a message: The local stores just aren’t cutting it.

“We told them what they were doing now wasn’t working for us,” Brill said.

But Brill cautioned that she doesn’t want Grand Union to go away. She wants them to improve.
Thankfully, tomorrow will be the last lecture to the community by the editorial board of the ADE.


Anonymous said...

check out this site...

consider how this might apply to our community.

Anonymous said...

I hope the pendulum is swinging and the American populous wakes up to what is happening around them in the quest for cheaper goods. Corporate fat cats and brain dead investors driving suvs have lined their pockets at the expense of all the hard working people. Anybody up for starting the revolution with me?

Anonymous said...

So far the ADE's editorial series is pretty lame. They aren't saying anything except that Saranac Lake has no identity. What?? Where are they living?

Anonymous said...

I can't remember when I've read anything more WISHY-WASHY from the ADE. They wrote 4 editorials that said absolutely nothing. And would anyone PLEASE tell me what is so important about having an identity?
LOTS of cities, towns and villages don't have one and the world hasn't come to an end for them. If you think about it what is Tupper Lake REALLY known for? Being lumberjacks? Is that REALLY an identity? And what is Lake Placid REALLY known for? Being an Olympic village? They were an Olympic village in 1980. That's 26 years ago!
The ADE should also write editorials and articles that DON'T contradict one another. How can they write that our village has NO leaders, and then write about 2 leaders we do have! Which is it?
Next time the ADE tries to do commentary's of this sort, they should write something with SUBSTANCE.