Wednesday, August 09, 2006

More on the Wage Increase

When Wal-Mart reported that they were 'capping' wages in all of their job categories I naively assumed they would still give 'cost of living increases'. But, it's more like long-time employees are being forced to give up wage increases (unless they change positions) so that money can go to starting employees.

Go here and read some of the comments from real Wal-Mart employees (although they are probably just disaffected union stooges). I guess Wal-Mart employees just don't get the 'Free Market'.

Does the wage cap apply to Wal-Mart executives?


Anonymous said...

I wonder, is Wal*Mart's CEO accepting a wage cap, too, and how about all the overpaid corporate lackeys below him? Do they have to strive to become COO, Treasurer, CEO or Chairman in order to get any higher wages?
Let me wonder about that for a while, and venture a guess...

Anonymous said...

Lee Scott, CEO of Wal-Mart makes about 8 thousand dollars per hour. I wonder if he would take a salary cut? If your answer if "no" you would be right. I wonder how he would like to live on what his company pays its hourly employees?