Monday, July 24, 2006

Sam says:

“You can’t create a team spirit when the situation is so one-sided, when management gets so much and workers get so little of the pie.” - Sam Walton
What would Sam say about the misleading $10.17/hr average wage that Wal-Mart claims to pay? Tell us what the median wage is please.

Yes, all Wal-Mart 'associates' are eligible for profit-sharing, health insurance, etc. Tell us the percentage of employees that actually qualify for these benefits.

It's sad that the largest most powerful corporation on the face of the earth deems it necessary to be so misleading to it's supporters.

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Anonymous said...

I wonder how many Wal-Mart supporters make 8 thousand dollars an hour? Well, Lee Scott, CEO of Wal-Mart makes that much. I just don't understand how he can justify his salary when most of Wa-Mart employees make poverty wages. And how much of his money do you suppose he gives to charity? Is it 58% like Bill and Melinda Gates? I think not. And what of the Walton clan? Do you suppose they give any of their millions to charity? I think not. They're too busy trying to hold on to all their millions, and trying to get the estate tax repealed.
Wal-Mart is a corporation where top management makes big bucks, and I mean big bucks, and sales clerks make nothing. Oh, I forgot, they're not sales clerks, they're
"associates." But I wonder how many of those "associates" are bitter because they live on next to nothing while top management gets fat pay checks?
Sam called them "associates" because he wanted them to feel they were part of the company. But an average Wal-mart employee leaves after only 3 months. So are they really part of the company?
Lee Scott should try living for a while on what his "associates" make every paycheck. I CAN GUARANTEE HE WOULDN'T LIKE IT!