Tuesday, June 06, 2006

What's Next???

The possibility of Wal-Mart building a store in Saranac Lake in the near future now seems to be unlikely, at least at the Lake Flower Ave. sandpit site. However, Wal-Mart probably has better than majority support to build a smaller store at another location in the downtown area of Saranac Lake. But how likely is that? Probably 100% unlikely since Wal-Mart wants what it wants and is known for not listening to anyone. So Wal-Mart the ball is now in your court.

The ball is also in the court of the Saranac Lake community. Most area residents do want a new department store, so what's next? Wouldn't it be great if SAGA, The CSave Saranac Lake Coalition, and CARD got together and determined what everyone could agree on and support concerning retail development? If CARD (Committee for Advancement of Retail Development)is really interested in retail development and not Wal-Mart per se, there is every reason to believe that the groups getting together could happen.

There are sure to be some angry letters to the ADE and calls to TOT concerning last nights vote to stop the sandpit rezoning process. The SL mayor and two village trustees are going to take some serious heat during the next week or so. Hopefully they will remember that they were elected by a substantial majority of voters. Hopefully they will do all they can to encourage reasonable retail development in downtown Saranac Lake.

I'm still ready to put my money where my mouth is concerning a co-operative retail store.


Anonymous said...

There is a lot of hard work but many opportunities that are ahead of us. The one effort that is beginning to get traction in the community is the Community Department Store. We have to go after all possibilities that are appropriate for Saranac Lake, but the community department store is one that is actually starting to move ahead. Let's get on that band wagon and see if we can make it happen. It will require a lot of effort on the part of the community to see it through and it won't happen overnight, but it is a real possibility. I would like to be optimistic that the proWal-Marters (CARD) will recognize that their 121,000 super-center is dead, but that they can work to bring in something that will address the needs of the community while fitting into the character of Saranac Lake. Standing off to the side and lobbing hand grenades at those that are trying to make things happen will not help their cause. It's time for them to acknowledge reality and become a pro-active and positive force in the community, not a negative entity that runs down those that have stuck their neck out in trying to make SL a better place to live.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be great if SAGA, Save Saranac Lake Coalition, and CARD could work together to bring in a community department store? Unfortunately, one CARD member has already stated that "No, I won't support them. I'll still be going to Plattsburgh. But whatever they do...I hope it's something that the senior citizens and the people that aren't able to leave Saranac Lake can actually use."
Rather than saying this, wouldn't it be far more productive if this person were to embrace the idea of a Community Store? Why don't they get on board and make sure what comes out of this is SOMETHING WE CAN ALL USE? Then they would certainly save their gas money going to Plattsburgh!
This idea can work here. It has worked in other communities. And we can get something WE CAN ALL USE. Now is not the time to be bitter or angry, but the time to work together. Did we not work together to get the 1998 All America City Award, or was that my imagination? We can work together again. Let's do it.

Anonymous said...
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