Sunday, June 04, 2006

Sandpit Rezoning Revisited - Mon Vil. Brd. Mtg.

The issue of whether to rezone the Lake Flower Avenue village owned sandpit area will be discussed at Monday nights village board meeting. One question that has been raised is whether the issue of Wal-Mart should enter into the decision to rezone the sandpit site to commercial or to wait for the planned re-evaluation of the Village’s Master Plan and zoning regulations.
In an article published in last week's ADE the following was written:
McEneany said that when he considers whether to continue with the rezoning, Wal-Mart will not be part of his thinking; he will consider the parcel only, not future sale of it.

Village Trustee McEneany has one way of thinking about the rezoning issue. The issue is only about rezoning and whether Wal-Mart might want to purchase the sandpit site to build one of their stores should not be considered.

A Letter to the Editor written by Ms. Gloria Volze has another way of looking at the rezoning issue:
If this is truly not about Wal-Mart, then there should be no problems in stopping the rezone at this time. We have nothing to lose but everything to gain by looking at our future with a renewed comprehensive plan.

Clearly, Ms. Volze has a valid point. What's the hurry if the rezoning issue is not about Wal-Mart? And again, with up to two years of sand remaining in the sandpit, what is the hurry to rezone?

The decision to rezone the sandpit site should be postponed until the Village Master Plan is updated.

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Anonymous said...

We all know that the rezoning of the sand pit has been about selling it all along. And since Wal-Mart has shown an OBVIOUS INTEREST, OF COURSE THE REZOING IS ABOUT WAL-MART! If no one wanted to purchase this property, then would the previous village board have started the rezoning process? Probably not.
Isn't it interesting that we have been quietly taking sand out of this property for years. No one gave the "residential zoning" of this property any thought what so ever. But then along comes Wal-Mart. AND SUDDENLY, AND I MEAN SUDDENLY WE HAVE TO REZONE THIS PROPERTY.
Unfortunately, it is going to be difficult is not impossible to separate the rezoning issue from Wal-Mart. EVERYBODY KNOWS THEY WANT THAT PROPERTY AND THEY NEED IT FOR THEIR STORE. And we all know that if the property is rezoned commercial, they will make an offer ALMOST IMMEDIATELY on it.
There is a slight possibility that the property would get rezoned but not sold. But we all know THAT'S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.
So lets not fool ourselves here. This property is under consideration for rezoning only because Wal-Mart or some other corporation wants to purchase it. You can't separate these 2 issues because Wal-Mart will not let us forget they need that property for their store. Want to convince us that the rezoning is not about Wal-Mart, THEN STOP THE REZONING. Let Wal-Mart leave, and look at the master plan. That's the only way you can separate the 2 issues.