Monday, May 15, 2006

SL Village Board Meeting Tonight

Tonight is the night. Mr. Andrew C. Abdallah, PE from Architectural & Engineering Design Associates PC is scheduled to answer questions about the rezoning status of the Lake Flower Avenue (and potential Wal-Mart building site) village sandpit. Mr. Abdallah was hired by the previous Village Board to advise in rezoning the sandpit site from residential to commercial.

Representatives of three local groups, Save Saranac Lake Coalition, Voters for Change and Sound Adirondack Growth Alliance will presumably there as well. All three groups have found problems with the SEQR document that is necessary for the rezoning. A pro-Wal-Mart group , CARD (Citizens for Advancement of Retail Development) will surely also be in attendance.

The groups also argue that the 'spot' rezoning process of the sandpit area should stop and become part of the future Comprehensive Master Planning process which the Village and Town has requested grant funding.

It should be a lively meeting. The meeting is being held at the Saranac Lake Volunteer Firehouse, to accommodate a larger group, at 7 PM.

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