Thursday, May 18, 2006

ADE Poll Update

As of 10:00 PM:

30.3% In favor of Wal-Mart on Lake Flower Ave.
This is likely the group of residents that want a 121,000 sq ft Wal-Mart and are unwilling to compromise their position.

23.1% In favor of Wal-Mart (or possibly retail development other than Wal-Mart) in Depot St. area.
This is likely the group that wants a smaller sized Wal-Mart or other retail store. They are willing to compromise. They obviously do not want it built on Lake Flower Ave.

8.8% In favor of Wal-Mart (or possibly retail development other than Wal-Mart).
It's a bit harder to tell what these voters are about. Maybe someone can help out here.

37.8% Are opposed to Wal-Mart or any other large scale retail development in Saranac Lake.
This group must be the 'transplants' to the area (who have no right to an opinion) and all those people with 'disposable' income.

The problem here is determining the definition of 'large scale retail development'. Anything larger than the old Ame's department store?


Anonymous said...

I am not sure is you are being sarcastic or not with your comment about the 'transplants' to the area with disposable incomes, but I voted in that category and I was born and raised here. My parents also agree with me. We DO NOT have disposable incomes by any means. The main difference between us and those that do want a large retailer is our values. We love this small town just the way it is and do not want it turn into strip malls on the edge of town like Plattsburgh. We appreciate the uniqueness of what we have here and we love it. My husband's relatives from western NY are envious of us every time they visit. We know we could have higher incomes if we moved elsewhere, but we would lose so much quality of life. I wish others could see our home town this way - focus more on what we've got than what we don't have.

Adirondack Wal-Mart said...

DEFINITELY BEING SARCASTIC!!! I too am sick of hearing 'transplants' talked about like they are from another country. I respect people that move here because they come here by choice and not simply because this is where they were born. And, the definition of 'disposable' income is the amount of income left to an individual after taxes have been paid, available for spending and saving. So I'm not certain why people throw that term around as a pejorative.

Anonymous said...

one thing that I think is clear from this "poll" so far is that 70% do NOT want a large scale development (read: 121,000 sq ft!) at the Lake Flower Ave/Will Rogers Dr. site. Take note Wal-Mart!

Sorry this was accidently deleted. EW

Anonymous said...

The above comment is correct. Approximately, 70% do not want a 121,000 saquare foot store on Lake Flower. Unfortunately, Wal-Mart is ONLY INTERESTED IN WHAT THEY WANT. And what they want is 121,000 square foot store on Lake Flower. THEY are not interested in compromising. Wal-Mart only knows how to build foot ball field size stores. Are they going to take note? Probably not.

This comment was also accidently deleted. EW