Friday, July 07, 2006

"Say Yes to Wal-Mart" Campaign Has Begun

If you are a wealthy, transplant living and paying taxes in the Saranac Lake area please BUTT OUT on the Wal-Mart issue.

However, and this is very important, if you are the Wal-Mart Eastern Region Community Relations people (TRUE OUTSIDERS) please feel welcome to tear our community apart.

Soon you will be seeing "Say Yes to Wal-Mart" signs sprouting up around the area, courtesy of this office. Don't believe me? Call 877-236-8862 and listen to the message. You can tell them how many signs you want them to send you. I support the right of CARD people to lobby in support of a Wal-Mart store, they are local area residents at least. But even CARD should be outraged at a group of professional, paid, outside Wal-Mart supporters meddling in our community affairs.

This is so OUTRAGEOUS. I suggest we all call and order hundreds of free signs courtesy of Wal-Mart. It will be a simple matter to change the YES to a NO. After you get your free order of signs, call again and tell them how outraged you are.

This is a perfect example of Wal-Mart 'Community Relations'.

UPDATE: I noticed there was a visit or two from Edelman PR this afternoon. Probably wanting to see the reaction to Wal-Mart's latest shenanigans. After reading Fishman's book I was beginning to believe that Wal-Mart was just clueless, not really evil. But damn, they are one truly evil company.


Anonymous said...

or paint a circle with a slash through it on the sign and place it in your front yard showing how you feel about these true OUTSIDERS - it's sad that it has come to this... but not surprising.

Anonymous said...

I heard that last week Wal-Mart supporters had a SECRET MEETING at the Crowne Plaza in Lake Placid. About 60 people were there. Wal-Mart or their supporters tried to get the Best Western for their meeting, but Best Western said no.
Anyway I was told this meeting was by INVITATION ONLY.
I can't imagine CARD people having the money to hold meetings at the Crowne Plaza, so it was probably Wal-Mart that foot the bill for using the room.
How did they know who to invite? It is my understanding that they got their names from those who sent back those slick post cards we all received a month of so earlier.
Wal-Mart has to resort to SECRET MEETINGS IN MANY INSTANCES. Why? Because when most communities find out it is Wal-Mart, a group opposing them usually FORMS IMMEDIATELY!! Al Norman in his book "The Case Against Wal-Mart" says that 1 out of every 3 communities where Wal-Mart wants to go are now fighting them.
Secrecy is about all this company knows how to do lately. The bully from Bentonville strikes again!!

Anonymous said...

It is time for all to speak out against these folks. Let's get those signs up!!

Peter W. said...

Here's another idea if we can get our hands on a bunch of the signs:
Leave the "Yes Wal-Mart" in place, and paste a patch over the phone number with one of many statements about what WM DOES:
YES WAL-MART abuses illegal laborers,
YES WAL-MART keeps people in poverty
YES WAL-MART drives jobs to China
YES WAL-MART contributes to global pollution
YES WAL-MART kills downtowns
YES WAL-MART sells cheap crap
YES WAL-MART puts profits before people
YES WAL-MART is the Antichrist
YES WAL-MART...(your unpleasant fact here...)

You get the idea...

P Wilson

Anonymous said...

Over the weekend I saw a few of those signs in Bloomingdale. They were rather small, and easy to drive by without seeing the message. We are not going to see thusands of those signs around. How do I know this? Who won the recent election? Tell me, who is our current mayor? Is his name Jeff Branch? Who are the two new trustees who got elected? Are their names Linda and Anthony?
What the people who want Wal-Mart seem to forget is that the Democrats got elected. If the greater majority of the Saranac Lake residents wanted a Wal-Mart, then why is our new mayor Tom Michael, and our two trustees Christy Fontana, and Susan Waters?
My mother keeps asking where the democratic process is in all of this. I tell her it has gone out the window. Apparently, the Wal-Mart supporters seem to have forgotten who got elected.
And the Wal-Mart bully? All they know is corporate lies, and sweet talk which later turns out to be lies.
It's time teeth were put back into the anti-trust laws Ronald Reagan watered down when he got into office. Then it's time to take Wal-Mart to court for violating the anti trust laws and being a monopoly. Any elected officials interested in doing this?