Tuesday, June 13, 2006

New ADE Wal-Mart Poll Question

A stimulating new discussion concerning the latest ADE Poll Question.

Is Wal-Mart blocked from coming to Saranac Lake now that the village board has halted the rezoning process for its sand lot, on which Wal-Mart wants to build?

Find the discussion (as it were) here. The blame game continues and it's pretty certain all the rich, transplants are going to get their comeupance for 'chasing' Wal-Mart out of town.

Wal-Mart has options to purchase two large, commercially zoned parcels of property and could probably easily purchase the McDonald's. So what is stopping Wal-Mart from proceeding with their plans? Wal-Mart wants a 121,000 sq ft superstore and nothing less. If they can't have what they want, they will walk away.

Wal-Mart sure knows how to show their supporters how much they care about them.

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peterH said...

I, for one, certainly enjoy these poll comments, but how long can ADE flog this (not yet dead) horse? And ... (Im going to ask this again).. who are these angry pro-Walmarters who continually rail against the rich transplanters etc. There seems to be a core belief among them that ugly is good which I dont understand.