Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Why We Should Get a Wal-Mart by Randolf Stanley

In todays ADE an open letter to the mayor and village board of Saranac Lake and the residents of the Tri-Lakes by Randolf Stanley (Or please help me to become a millionaire).

How odd that Mr. Stanley supports having a Wal-Mart locate to Saranac Lake. Mr. Stanley, owner of bankrupt Stanley Chevrolet, believes he offers a level of credibility to my observations and opinions on this subject. Afterall, it's not like he will get a few million dollars from Wal-Mart for his property....oh wait...yes he will.

(1) Forty years ago the village made a mistake by not by not keeping municipal electricity, thus the village board always makes terrible decisions. Does that mean if the village board helps Wal-Mart build on your property it will be another terrible decision?

(2) Transportation. No other retailer will come to SL because only Wal-Mart has a 'delivery loop' with stores in Ti, Plattsburgh, Malone, Canton-Potsdam and Saranac Lake. Oh wait, they don't have stores in Malone, Canton-Potsdam and Saranac Lake.

(3) Downtown location. A downtown location won't work. Besides if they build in downtown SL I won't get my millions.

(4) Wal-Mart is willing to invest 'millions' in SL. Having a Wal-Mart will provide the money to build a parking structure in the downtown area, although who will there be to park in it?

(5) Location, location. Look at how poorly the 'Industrial Park' in Lake Clear has done. Let the businessmen decide where to build. Besides, I still want my millions of dollars.

PS I lost my business because people shopped out of town.

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Anonymous said...

What Randolph Stanley doesn't know about Wal-mart could FILL A VERY LARGE BOOK!! When I read that editioral I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.
Stanley makes the statement that no other retailer has come forth with a Tri-Lakes plan. BUT THAT IS INCORRECT. Wise Buys would LOVE to come to Saranac Lake, but there is no place for them to go, and they can't afford to build what they need. It is also my understanding that Hacketts would like to come here as well too, but they need also need a building. So much for that lie.
But what really made me laugh was his comments about the cost of shipping. Apparently, Saranac Lake, Lake Placid, and Tupper Lake have NO businesses because no one can afford the cost of shipping? How silly is that? Perhaps, then, the UPS and FED EX trucks I see all over the area are only my imagination! Trucking has NOT become prohibitive because the Tri-Lakes has LOTS OF SUCCESSFUL BUSINESSES.
What also made me laugh was his comment about the money from the sand pit sale. He says the village should use this cash windfall to build our parking garage. Well, I hate to inform him but there probably won't be ANY CASH WINDFALL FROM THIS SALE!
First off, if Wal-Mart builds the village can expect their expenses concerning this company to go up. We will have traffic problems and crime problems just to begin with. Secondly, the village WON'T NEED A PARKING GARAGE AS WE WILL NO LONGER HAVE A PARKING PROBLEM!
What usually happens when Wal-Mart comes to town is that they have the full parking lot, and you can throw a football around anywhere you want in the downtown. I've seen the pictures. Just look at what happened to Hearne, Texas, and Nowata, Oklahoma. In Hearne, on a Saturday afternoon there are about 2 or 3 cars in the downtown, and the Wal-Mart lot is full. It is no wonder the business district shriveled up and died. And who pays for that?
Stanley has only ONE AGENDA. And that is to sell his property so he can get out of debt! His business went bankrupt so he NEEDS THE MONEY FROM THE SALE OF HIS PROPERTY. Gee, do you suppose thats his motive for wanting Wal-Mart in town? After all, who else is wanting his property so he can get out of debt?
This commentary will give fuel to the pro-Wal-mart folks. But what the pro-Wal-Mart folks DON'T KNOW ABOUT WAL-MART COULD FILL A VERY LARGE BOOK TOO!